G&T webserie 2×01 – “Electricity & Changes”

G&T webserie 2×01 – “Electricity & Changes”

– In my suitcase, I’ll bring a cow, a castle a textbook, an oil painting… and an alarm clock, too! -Great, Giulio!
– And a magic lamp, as well… – Like the one with Aladdin’s genie?
– Yes. This one grants me three wishes, but I’ll leave one to you.
– But I already have my magical tent! – Oh, is this tent magical?
– Yes, we can make all of our wishes come true cause we’re safe from everything, from all of the world’s worst things in here. – Why? Is the world bad?
– My daddy says so. But not in here. – Come on, it’s your turn now, Tommy!
– In my suitcase, I’ll bring a cow, a castle, a textbook… OCTOBER 2013
PRESENT DAY – Come on, come on…. shush! – Try singing “Twinkle twinkle little star” to her. It used to work with you.. – “Twinkle twinkle, little star..how I wonder what you are…Up above the world so high…” – Maybe I’ll try putting two drops of rum in her milk…
– No…no…don’t cry, sweetie… no, no…honey… everyone’s got his mommy…but… where is your mommy, huh?
– Please, remind me again how you get caught up in this mess…
– Mom, please, we already talked about it! – Yes, but I just wanted to say…
– Mom! – I just wanted to say…
– How many times do I have to tell you? For sure, this little girl cries a lot! – Look who’s talking! You were a pain even before you were born! – We’ve heard this story a thousand times!
– Yes…but this little cub right here didn’t! – I had bought the tickets months earlier… your father had the Guzzi buffed. I remember aunt Elvira used to say “where are you going with this huge hump?” but I had been dreaming about it for years.
– Keep going, keep going, she’s falling asleep.. – See? Patti Smith’s concert. And when did you decide to get out?
– The waters broke right on “Because the night”! – Honey, I will never forgive you for that! But.. do you think you’re going to put some curtains in here or you’d rather show off to the entire neighborhood? – I know, you’re right but I haven’t had time to buy them yet …and after everything that happened! – Yes, it’s a year since you moved in here but anyway… – I know
– Do as you like! – My phone is ringing! Sweetie… Hey! Yes, I was just thinking about you..No, I can’t go getting some food. Today’s a real mess. Arianna is falling asleep right now. How’s it going with your client? Mom’s saying hello! Okay… okay…I’ll see you later! See you! Bye! -Okay..bye!
– Tommaso! Here we are, finally! – Mister Panzeri, how do you do? – Let’s be familiar, Tommaso! I’ve seen you growing up! You totally look like your father!
– Okay, I’ve booked a table near here for 13 o’clock… – Just in time…
– Just in time! Let’s go! To be honest, there were some doubts in the company about buying more aloe most of all because recently, you know, sales have changed. But what do I have to say? I think it’s better to count on our product’s quality!
– It is true… since you came back in the factory…
– Don’t say it! – Tommaso, it’s the truth! I don’t want to butter you up. I’ve told your brother a thousand times, too..
– Indeed.. thank you!
– How long have I been stocking T.Bios? – Dad was still here…
– So, weigh the pros and cons yourself! I am an old man! Let’s order something. Or do you usually spend your lunch break talking about work?
– No, no…let’s order! OCTOBER 2012 – so, do you wanna come in?
– I am not so sure!
– Come on, hurry up! – I am a bit worried about seeing what you’ve done there..
– You’re such an asshole! I’ve been working my ass for an entire month just to get the house prepared! Come on! – I like surprises!
– Come on, get in! – So? – Uhm…
– Don’t you like it?
– No, no… no, Juls it’s…it’s just…
– it’s just? wonderful! – What’s this for?
– To celebrate! – Oh, you thought about everything, didn’t you?
– Does this surprise fit your expectations, mister Tebaldi?
– Definitely! – But don’t get too used to it. It’s just for tonight…
Hey! I’ve been working hard all day long in the kitchen so go, eat now! – I’d like to start from dessert
– You’re so… …trivial!
-I know! – Oh, Virgy, darling..I’ve already hung 170 of this all around Turin. I feel like a bill sticker
– To be honest, I see you’ve fattened up a bit…
— I didn’t say “a bit thicker”… oh, nevermind!
– Do as you like!
– Replacing Giulio is such a difficult thing!
– Daddy always says “important people are irreplaceable”. It is so true, don’t you think?
– Your dad says a lot of bullshit, as well.
– You think? Well, you know, after two years of bonus travels in LA, now… – Excuse me, what exactly did you get the bonus for?
– You silly! Well, daddy just bought me a full optional penthouse in Piazza Vittorio otherwise I’d love to be your flatmate, you know?
– Oh, what a pity! – I really have to go now…
– Excuse me…Excuse me…Excuse me! – See you soon, darling!
– No, wait…there’s this screaming asshole stalking me!
– I’ll call you back. So you’ll tell me if he was another freak! – Hi
– Yes? – Are you the landlady?
– Your sister’s a landlady! – Well..I saw you were hanging up the ads…
– Excellent sight! – You know, I’d be interested…
– I think you didn’t read it all the way.. – I’m better at doing it all the way… – Busy! Busy! BUSY! That is why they call them “university john”! How rude! Sara, remember it for the future… Come on!
– So? did I pass the casting?
– Did you read the ad? – Yes – “I’m looking for a hot roomie, to share a flat. The house is cool…I am,too!
I want you white, but also black or even dull.. sufficiently tall, options can be considered at the moment, not aloud and collaborative. No heteros or time waster”. You didn’t waste your time, for sure…
– Excuse me, why not heteros? – Mind your fucking businesses! It’s all yours now, shitter! – And another signature here -There we go! You caged me up for next year as well with this! – It is just a form, you know…
– I know, I know… – I’ve brought you last year’s account, as you’ve asked.. – I was just asking myself where the future Mrs. Tebaldi has gone… – Mister Panzeri, you are always willing to joke I am Serena De Masi and I will always be Serena De Masi – But how? Such a beautiful couple!Weren’t you building your own house? – Okay, I’ll tell you this one on our next lunch break… He’ll change his mind, you’ll see!
– Who knows! – Tommy, say hello to Renato on my behalf. Marry her! Where can you find a girl like her?
– Have a nice evening! – Such a weird man! – Can you blame him? Listen, you have to sign the last trimester’s balance sheet. A signature in here.. – Another signature with my eyes closed. I keep trusting you. – Have you got any doubt about it?
– Speaking about work.. none. I have to go now, the order has to be ready and I have something else to do, too
– Er…listen… I was thinking…how about a pizza tonight? Are you in?
– Honestly, Serena? I don’t think that’s a good idea.
– Okay…okay… We’re co-workers and we get along very well only here at office, right?
– Right. Have a nice night! Ouch! ouch…ouch….listen, Juls, I’m sorry but I can’t be there today. – Holy shit, Sara! I can’t do it anymore…Arianna has just stopped crying and she fell asleep. At work is a total mess. I have to get back on work tomorrow!
– I know.. I know…
– So? Help me! – Bloody hell, Juls! You know I had the casting for your replacement today! – I don’t like this thing at all…
– Ouch…ouch… – Why do you have to choose a gay guy? Have a girl flatmate!
– Listen, I’ve tried to be alone for a whole year but there are those mornings when you wake up and think “what should I wear? I need a new gay guy, what should I do with a girl au-pair?” No offense intended!
– – What are you saying? – Nothing, nothing…don’t worry!
– Who are you talking to? – To Ramona! My personal beauty! Say hi, Ramona! – Hello, I’m Ramona…
– yeah, yeah…hi Ramona… – I still didn’t get what you had to do today that was so important…
– I haven’t stopped for a minute! I’ve been hanging ads everywhere, I’ve had an appointment for that catering I told you about and then what did I do? Oh, yes…someone banged me in the university’s restrooms… – You like fucking, huh?
– Oh, you understood this, didn’t you?
– A bit… – Ouch! Juls, I have to hung up on you before this one kills me!
– Okay. Later. Bye. – Come on, Tommy…stop complaining! Mine’s heavier!
– How many of these are left?
– 300! But I’ll pay you in kind!
– Just don’t offer me anything to drink! – You bastard! I make the best cocktails in Turin!
– Any plans for tonight? – Here it is, my plan! – Hi Laura!
– Hi Tommy!
– Hi! – Hey blondie, come here! Give me a kiss!
– Yeah…Me Jane, you Tarzan..my man! Oh, your friend is so hot!
– Who? Him?
– Obviously! Listen, big boy, I’m not going to do any errands for your club if you don’t pay me!
– Sorry, why? is he taking advantage of you, too?
– Yeah, with the old “payment in kind” thing
– Oh, so it’s a bad habit! – Go fucking yourselves, you two! I just need a hand! – Oh, here it goes the victim! I like it! Listen, victim, the money for meat wasn’t enough for real. Sooner or later the butcher’s gonna cut me into pieces and you’ll have to manage your catering on your own!
– Just out of curiosity… did you have a real job before today?
– Yes..I used to do a lot of things earlier…I was a woman full of interests…
– A woman… a girl!
– Shut up! I could have been at Buckingham Palace into Harry’s arms or a CEO at Elkann’s but it was you who stole my heart…that’s life! – Excuse her, Tommy… her correspondence acting course is at emphasis part!
– Resigned…No one gets me! Well….I’m out of here, hotties! The stage is waiting for me! Bye!
– Where do you think you’re going? Come here right now and give me a kiss!
– Another one? Ok..I’ll make this effort! Bye! – Anna, you’ve forg…. – Next one! – Hi, my name is Alessandro I am twen..
– twenty-five years old -three years old
– I am from Turin, I am a psychologist… – My name’s Nicholas and I have lived in New York for two years… – I’m thirty-five years old..
– How old! What is the name of Madonna’s last album? – I don’t know Madonna’s last album…
– Give me a big smile! – What a crappy smile… – You are a fantastic girl! – Kiss Ass Queer!
– I love sushi! – How many times have you been watching The Wizard Of Oz? Next!
– I like spanking! – Boo! No! – Next!
-Next! – Madonna’s concert in 2007… Something incomparable!
– I was right under the stage!
– Me too, obviously! – The important thing is the respect for my privacy. Other than this, you can do whatever you want! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – I can take it away, if you don’t like it… -No, no, no and just to be clear enough, no! STONEWALLING PREDICTABLE – Really? Me, too! – Do you like me?
– Next! – Sexy..
– Do you believe me if I say I already love you? – Oh, darling, I believed at Wanna Marchi’s belly band, I can believe to this either! – I’m studying as a chef. Meanwhile I’m a private chef, as well -Culinary
– Last question: I ask it to everyone. It’s a sort of ritual, but to you is not even necessary: are you gay? – No! OCTOBER 2012 – If you’re looking for an answer, it’s no – Why don’t you think about it for a while? Please! – Because I think I have been clear enough when I left. I don’t want to work again for T.Bios!
– Listen to me :I know it might sound absurd but we really need you.
– Since when? Do you think I miss all of your rage, all of your complaints for no reason? You had me going through some crappy years, Renato.. – I assure you that things are going to change. I know. I know, I was wrong but what did you expect? It was hard for me to carry all this responsibility. A responsibility that I want to share with you right now… Giulio, please, make him think about it.
– I think this decision is up to him, not to me… – I already took my decision
– Have you found a new job, already? I think….Oh, come on, Tommy! What do you want in your life? You do need a job! And you’ll never find a job like T.Bios’CEO! Think about your own future, for a while… about yours! -Tommy.. – Renato, I think it’s time for you to leave us alone for a moment… – I’ll walk you out… – Think about it again! I beg you, make him think about it! – There’s something he’s not telling. I am sure. -Tommy, he is your brother. Maybe he’s thinking about your own good for once. Or anyway to the company’s one – I don’t know. It just pisses me off that he can do what he wants with my life. – You’re the one who has to decide, not him. – Come here. If I’m doing this, it’s just for us. – You heard? Mommy has arrived! Bad, bad mommy! She left you alone! Wait, we’ll let mommy get in! Mommy? -Hi! Hello, sweetie! Thank you, Giulio. I don’t know what I would have done without you! It’s been an emergency! -Don’t even mention it! She’s been a sweetie!
– You know you’re my favorite neighbour! – What a kiss-ass! You know, we have to help each other…How many times did I ask you to lend me some sugar?
– I always have asked myself “what is Giulio doing with all that sugar?” – I sweeten up life!
– And now we’re going to make some din-dins! – To be honest, we already had din-dins ten minutes ago!
– You’d be such a good daddy, – Yeah..as if! Goodnight, Arianna!
– Say goodnight to uncle Giulio!
– Bye bye, sunbeam! There she goes!
– Let’s go! Let’s go! Thank you so much!
– Oh, this is yours!
– Thanks! Bye bye!
– Bye! -Hello, do you have a minute for a question? How much does electricity cost to you per month?
– Ehm, well… I don’t have time for this right now. I’m waiting for someone to come so if you don’t mind maybe next time..
– Please, be patient. Everybody’s been closing doors on my face today. Please, be kind…
– Okay, but just for a minute!
– Thank you
– You’re welcome – Pardon me? – Let me explain our offers…
-Look. You can say whatever you want, but I’m not gonna change my mind… how did it go at work without me today?
– Do you think it’s the right moment to talk about it?
– No, actually…it’s not!


    mo je sbrocco a sto deficente, a come fa a tradì tommaso! che poi prima fa na tragedia ch'é stato tradito da matteo e mo, tradisce quel fregno! me viè da piagne ."

    OMG…………. I am so confused………….I don't like this anymore….. another round of separation for those two lovers…… I can't take, I can't take it.. sigh….. 

    its confusing me..!! honestly…flashing back and fwd like this hahaha…hope to get it soon with next episodes ^^

    Really Guills?!!!!
    I'm hating the new boyfriend.
    I want Tommy back!!!!
    Really hope they get back together.
    To episode 2 we go.
    Thank you so much for this series, it's really awesome. Just started watching and I'm sooooo in love.

    Well I am totally bummed out here. I realise the writers like to play games with what we think is happening and then turn it around. Something they have done well. I thought that was Sara's baby. So either they have edited this wrong or Sara did not have the baby. She was a fool the way she treated Gianluca but she is quite crazy I think.
    But this is too much with this last scene. Why can't they ever leave a nice relationship alone. After all G & T went through to finally be together and really loving each other since forever how can it blow up in less than 1 year? It shows gay men as mental and emotional cripples in my opinion which I don't like.
    I am not sure if it is writers/ producers or a demented audience that can never enjoy happiness or showing a positive side of life. One gets 2 seconds of nice and 2 hours of misery. Life is not like that.  Once again like in many films this certainly shows homosexuals as psychologically disturbed, unable to maintain healthy intimate relationships and only able to have superficial relationships with crazy, destructive women.
    But I will keep watching for a bit hoping that intelligence and reason will be triumphant over cheap soap opera melodrama.

    AND Ps,  If Giulio really has chosen this twat over Tommy then he needs his eyes and his head examined.

    bello come sempre non mi piace molto il personaggio di juls , lo trovo finto e un po frignoso e lamentoso xo va bene dai 

    All'inizio aveva la storia importante con tommi perchè alla fine bacia un'altro è no con tommi che senso ha vorrei vedere solo giulio è tommaso…..

    I NEED SEASON 3. Let's make it happen https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/getwebserie/gandt-3?ref=nav_search

    What a hot begenning … This hand going down on Tommy's chest and disapearing in hit dark intimity !! Gosh! some times I would be only a hand !! Thanks for this sensual moment…


    siete fenomenaliiii😚
    continuate!!!!! mi sono
    innamorato di voi perche
    avete toccato sul vivo
    tante mie paralelle di vita,
    io credo in voi come nel'AMORE
    -morirò senza aver potuto amare💘

    OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED! It's like I've watched a totally different series with the same characters and actors. I'm so confused

    😲😱 qqqqq no puedes ser por que gules que te pasa Tommy esta muchooo mejor y Sara es terrible me identifico total con ella jajaja

    WHAT THE!! what happened? how? when? huh? who? ok, last episode I saw was when Tommy finally realized he loved Guilio? did I skip any other episodes from the first season? I'm soooo confused now! is he cheating on Tommy? why? OMG this can't be! 🙁

    I did not spent 8 hours of sleep for this! Why are you doing this???? How can anyone cheat on Tommy???? This is fucked up

    Series 2 gets off to a pleasant start. Giulio and Tommy are together and passionate as ever about each other.

    No entiendo cómo dejaron escapar un amor así, o pasó algo grave y faltan capítulos o esos chicos fueron muy tontos al separarse

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