Grounding pad / mat test for dirty electricity with a Gigahertz ME3851A & multimeter & radio.

Grounding pad / mat test for dirty electricity with a Gigahertz ME3851A & multimeter & radio.

Testing my body voltage in my appartement bedroom next to a grounding pad. All breakers are off including the mains. Now test with the grounding pad on my clothes (think pajama). Still high body voltage. Now touching my skin it’s much lower, but i’m still in high electric fields and my body has now become a ground for it (not so smart). This is an experimental test to show what happens when you touch the pad with a Gigahertz ME3851A next to me, measuring the air (listen to the sound changing). Not so healthy to become the ground in high electric fields (coming from the neighbor) in this room. Only the ground is connected when you plug it in. The pins are plastic. Let’s say you are using it like this during the day, working on your computer (like i have seen some people do). All breakers ON. The pad on top of the meter. The meter is set to measure between 2kHz – 100kHz (measuring a part of dirty power). A small(?) amount of dirty electricity on the pad. I still wouldn’t wanna use this. Beware that this meter measures up to 100kHz, but i have seen dirty power go up to 21MHz=21000kHz. Now testing with a Tecsun radio. This radio can measure dirty electricty beyound the range of a Gigahertz ME3851A. Don’t turn your volume too low or you won’t hear the change so good. At 4879kHz there is something aggressive sounding on the grounding system, and i know what it is. This is what i did before starting the previous test: turning a modern 4K LG LED TV on (that i am currently testing for another video). Now with the radio directly on the grounding pad. Turning the TV off. But there is much more dirt, even without the TV. Set to: 21MHz for example. etc… Set to about 13MHz it catches my washing machine (i have a separate video about this). You can read my conclusion in the comments, and there are links in the description.


    To be clear: i am not an expert, but i am currently not a fan of grounding (like this), because it seems dangerous (especially because most people using these don't know what they are doing) and it is unclear to me if it is healthy even when you can do it 'correctly' as some people claim to be able to do.
    But grounding walking barefoot in a clean environment (remote nature)
    should be a good thing, according to what i heard, and seems to make more sense.

    For the reasons seen in this video, it also seems unwise to
    ground your RF shielding to your house grounding system.
    But i have an older video that shows that ungrounded
    objects act as antenna as well. So it's probably best to ground RF shielding to a rod outside the house, but there could still be problems. Best is to measure
    with suitable equipement or ask a professional what to do. Beware that there is "stray voltage" in the ground when you ground to a rod outside.
    The tools i used showed how you could do a rough test yourself when grounded to an outlet, but you can't measure what is on the ground outside with these 2 tools. There are videos on other channels that show how to measure this (like the channel "Total EMF Solutions").
    I tried my grounding pad for sleeping, and during the day,
    grounded to a undeep rod outside the house, and i always got sick
    from it. And i doubt a deeper rod would change the outcome for me.
    I'm not a professional and not a scientist. i'm just a guy doing some tests and giving my opinion based on my experiences.

    People have reported a tingly feeling when being connected to a grounding pad connected to a outlet ground. I have also experienced this and other feelings. I have never experienced similar feelings when walking barefoot on the earth outside. To me this is also proof that a grounding pad is not the same.

    (BTW i think i made a small video editing error around 0:54)

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