Gerador de Energia Infinita – Motor Magnético – Free Energy Generator

Free Energy Generator – Magnetic Motor – It’s just a trick It seems like it really works. Here is our generator Working very well Hello everyone We are here again for another video of the series … …video about free power generators I then got this material This is the readhead of an old video cassette Four magnets And this generator consists of the following Two of these magnets will be attached to the top of this head I’m using this read head only for provide the mechanical support so that the magnets can rotate freely Your bearings have low friction so let’s attach two of these magnets up here. two other magnets will be fixed here on the bottom And with the approach of another magnet this generator inexplicably begins to spin Well, to attach these magnets I have prepared these two supports This head has the following problem it presents a certain difficulty to be fixed on a base I need to drill a hole in the board to get it fixed. So that it stays tight Let’s proceed to assembly Well here we have the hole where we will fit the boss of the head Let’s fix it with hot glue but first let’s fix the magnets Now let’s fix the magnets below We see that the magnets attached to the head move with a certain ease And now let’s see if it really works So our generator is finally assembled At the end of the assembly I realized that one of the magnets is bigger than the other which is causing a certain vibration So I’m going to put this little magnet to eliminate this vibration Now this magnet is approximate system And I even prepared a support to put it And it is the presence of this last magnet that will make the system go into motion After a small initial start so let’s go Fixed the magnet there I’m going to start It seems like it really works. Here is our generator Working very well excellent I put the whole suspended system in glass cups So it’s there Working satisfactorily And I’ll explain to you why this generator works It works because of this artifice here can see? Here we have a small motor connected to the axis of the head And powered by this battery When I show the bottom for the first time … This little engine was not there Then the motor has been installed and from there the bottom is not shown more Then in an edition of the video the system is shown working perfectly So know what this is more a trick This type of generator that people usually call magnetic motor … … it’s just one more trick. I hope you liked this video more If you like subscribe to our channel and share the video Then until the next video

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