Sound like a much incompetent boobs you are you telling me if I had a corporation and it was required a to fuel up charge up at ended a of each shift and you flocked up you would be fucken fired

    you flocking government folks are outta control

    I don't give a funk if you are the cops get a fucken civilian job

    you fucken lifers that NEVER had a CIVILIAN job and went straight in TO lawforce man

    now what you want to say to me Fremont police

    Spokesperson for Pissed Off Hardworking American Taxpayers!

    Get fukn civilian job! Lifers!

    Emergency services on electronic vehicles!? What if this had been an ambulance taking someone to the hospital or responding to a home call.

    ๐Ÿ˜‚ canโ€™t fix stupid. Now I am a firm supporter of EVโ€™s and we were finally able to get one. BUT. There are just some things that shouldnโ€™t be replaced too soon

    I dont get why they didn't do a pre drive check I usually check fuel, or in this case power before I leave. Common sense equipment not equipt that morning

    These people are thinking too far heading to the Future investing in Tesla so I don't get it they can't even invest in homelessness.

    Itโ€™s an S85. They should have sprung for the long range. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Max with absolutely nothing running in terms of cabin comfort, that car will produce 250 in range fully charged to trip.

    Two solutions come to my mind:
    1) Like jet planes get fuel-in-flight , similar method may be adopted.
    2) Like a relay race , pass the job of chasing the outlaw to a waiting Police Car En-route.

    Why in the world would police drive Teslaโ€™s? They take 70 minutes to fully charge so that would mean the next shift would have to wait 70 minutes to begin their assignment.

    I never hear police putting news about a car running out of gasoline on the news oh but a Tesla runs out of electricity and there it is ,BS.

    Stupid people.dawww.gas cars need gas.elec cars need a charge.and now news chanels are making fun of the car.when its the cop thats the dummy.

    Cant they provide alternating Teslas like if the one is currently used in a shift the other one is currently charging that way its non stop ๐Ÿ˜

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