Free energy generator – Free energy magnetic resonator

Free energy generator – Free energy magnetic resonator

Hi. First of all, its a little windy, so sorry about it. This video is filmed on your requests. Many of you convinced me to film this. This is Free Energy Resonator. This receives radiation of electromagnetic smog. Electrosmog is everywhere, even on unbuilt areas so you can use it everywhere. Its output voltage varies depending on the electrosmog strength. This is relatively known principle but as you know, some powerful people don’t want us to spread this idea. So I won’t spread this idea or better to say I won’t say how to make it, I only show you that this thing really works. By the way this is great idea because if you make more such resonators you can power relatively big appliance. This is exact size, so if you want to make it smaller or bigger, it won’t work. This is common neodym magnet with insulator. There has to be some insulator otherwise it won’t work. And this cylinder is to bring electricity from this coil (antenna). So let’s test it. Please read whole description of this video and watch whole this video before you ask any question or before you comment it. I’m gonna make all measurements that you suggested in comments of Free Energy Generator video. So as not to have to make any additional video. I’m outside, there is no transmitter near here, so you can see it works even in unbuilt areas. I also used LED diodes because as you can see on other, by the way fake videos, they are using only motors, because they have small batteries in it. You must admit that I cannot hide here any battery. No battery in the motor otherwise it would be spinning now. Look at my next video where I’m showing this resonator with LED bulb and without connected multimeter. Link is in description of this video or checkout my whole channel. Oh I forgot some voltage measurements. Well, I have done all measurements you wanted. I don’t say that this is perpetual machine like you can see on my other videos, I only say that this is Free Energy Generator because energy from this generator is for free. This could be used for example as phone charger anywhere you want.


    Hi Tech, it sounds really great but I see some tried and failed to replicate. It looks like you're not interested in commercializing these generators, I wonder why would you not want to help humanity have free energy? Thanks in advance.

    I have tested Free Energy Resonator with simple LEDs. Video with many proofs of genuineness

    Would you be able repeat this measurement with the digital multimeter switched in to Amperes mode and installed inline between the resonator and the load?

    the easiest way for the truth to come out is to sell yours to us so we can then be convinced for sure and of course we will back you up, you would have freed us from enslavement in a sense.

    What would you pay for that? Does it work if you wear metal bracelets with a chain between them when walking around it? Very funny!

    The key to the function is the change in the alignment of the electrons in the iron coil. Also the coatings on each coil. Vanadium is used to create superconductors. I have reproduced the same effects with lesser voltages caused by my inefficient setup. The verification came when i reversed the polarity and the voltage polararity output changed accordingly.

    I would like to make such a small generator. can you post me where you got the Materials from? like a store or a site.

    elix llayqui orosco
    mis saludos, muy bueno saber y conocer sobre las energías libres , eres genio, hacer en grande para dar uso
    mis felicitaciones genio, del siglo 21
    felix cusco péru

    You say the dimensions need to be preserved, otherwise it won't work. Have you done some test in cave-like conditions? Just few questions, will test it myself anyway. 🙂 Dobra prace.

    it work as described… people …please don't waste your time to write negative comment. Think the idea for higher output in term of voltage and amp. all the best.. once again there are unlimited source of free energy which are intentionally hide from us.

    Apparently, your theory works. However, this is only very small scale. How about something that can power a much larger motor or bank of light bulbs or run a generator? Yes, this works but not in on a practical scale to power an entire household. Have you plans or developed something larger?

    Hello, your model looks great. I want to build the same. But for that I have some questions:
    Is the material of the antenna normal iron-wire or is it stainless steel or what material is it?
    What is the material of the cylinder for the top? Thank you for the answer!

    it would be nice if you could setup a live cam with one of these energy devices and a motor so we could see it run for 10 days with no charge loss

    cool – gonna try this with my 11 yr old and get him to try it out – Looks like a magnetic spring (home depot?), and neodymium nickle plated disk magnet, the cylinder ring from a pen sleeve (tin iron alloy) or maybe stainless tube (with chromium?) and the spacer between the magnet and spring is double sided sticky foam, wall putty or white molding ceramic as an insulator – mica clay – just guessing hehe – thanks man!

    It would be nice if your multimeter's probes didn't get moved offscreen early in this video. We can't really know if they got attached to a power source. Too much like a classic sleight of hand move. Thanks!

    Well done but the main question is why you won't put out information to allow others to replicate this behaviour? This would achieve two things. First it would be the only way to verify 100% what you claim. Second it would protect you because if the information is in the public domain, there would be no reason for globalist elites to kill you. The only reason you might otherwise keep the information secret is because you wanted to commercialise the technology but I doubt very much you are thinking about that?

    I am able to get 0.5 V DC (measured with my DMM) using a hard drive magnet and a random spring I found around the house. My spring looks to be about 2/3 dia and twice as long. I'll bet with the correct geometry I could get the 3 Volts. Next stop source parts online and try again. This is legit.

    I tried it . had 0.5 V out of it only with the SPRING. Could not get results with the Magnet and cylinder
    as you showed. Will work on it and thanks for sharing this experience.

    I tried it with an almost identical replica. It works, I got up to 1.4V. Like in the video, it worked only by handling it with bare hands. The more contact with the compact part of the spring, the higher the voltage.Without the direct hand touch it doesn't work at all. It is not capable to do the slightest movement of a small electric DC motor, or turn on a small LED. I need explanations what did I do wrong.
    For those with unwelcomed negative and unfounded comments, they should stop acting like vermin.

    at first I was convinced…then have reservations due to other videos online showing the insulator to be in fact a thin flexible battery now available…I wish it wasn't true but there u go:(

    This device reminds me of the Roy J. Meyers Absorber, which used a combination of permanent magnets and iron wire to entrain energy from the surrounding environment. I'm not sure if this is directly related but I thought of it after watching this demonstration. Well done.

    Hi. Tech Torr. What kind of material do you are use in between the magnet and the spring. You could supply the name of the material. You could send me some link where I can get these materials. Thank you. Rafael

    1 other thing. I love the hired Debunkers saying this is bullship. They must not really watch your video's. IDIOTS and it makes me laugh.

    – What is the metal tube made of? Does it have to be conductive?
    – What is the metal coil (spring) made of? It seems the materials might make a difference. Does the spring have to be non-conductive?

    so a spring turns virtual photons to electircity? please tell me ideas to do it couse if some one crack this it will be the einstein of our gen

    Good video. Could you turn up your volume? And speak a bit slower. Was very difficult to understand what you are saying. Thanks.

    A coil can act like an antenna as well as a capacitor. The magnet must induce current in the coil; however, this only works if the magnet is in motion. Also the plastic or paper sticker over the magnet might become aggravated by the magnet, however, only if the magnet were connected in a conducting circuit and open and closed repeatedly; which would also create a voltage frequency and charge a capacitor which would include a dielectric insulator such as plastic or paper in between metal layers. Which is similar to this device using a metal coil as part of a capacitance arrangement. He mentions the metal cylinder is used to get electricity from the coil. Why would he not be able to just connect the alligator clip to the coil itself, unless the difference in the metals is causing some reaction due to different atoms coming into contact with one another like different metals in a battery? Like tribo electric series effect materials creating static charge when aggravated either mechanically or electrically, the acids or alkaline solutions usually found in batteries cause charge imbalances between different materials to separate charge and thus create poles and current, or electromagnetism. Usually this involves oxidation of the metals as well as the destruction of the metal; or the separation of the atoms or molecules bonding the metal to itself. So possibly different metals are necessary to get a reaction whereby charges are getting separated not unlike within batteries using chemical reactions. So what is this smog? Infrared light? radio waves? He speaks of resonance which can amount to resonance frequency or R.F. but not radio frequency. Which he also alludes to by saying it is a tuned device, or an analogue of physical dimensions or equal masses. Like a tuning fork will only resonate when the forks are similar in mass or frequency.

    It's good that you're inspiring like minded people too explore, but you should stop using the term “Generator” What you’re showing is a frequency harness, you’re not generating any current, you’re tapping into frequencies that are naturally all around us.  Now, put it to practical use, and create a truly self sustaining light source. Then mass produce it and alter the world.

    Aren't these just pulling power from nearby powerlines. Including the lines in your home, so you'd be paying for the power it pulls?

    Linked these to vortex /rodin coils? Look up Daniel Nunez. I have been trying to figure how to get real usable power from a resonant antennae and how to connect it to the POE coil and home made crystal radio for tuning.

    So the larger the magnets and coil the more amount of electric is generated, right ? And how big of a coil would attract more electric ?

    OMG dude , is this for real ,lol. What is the tube made of? What is the coil made of? I WILL EXPERIMENT!!!!! Oh, and guys, I think you would be maggot food when the magnet depletes

    What we do not know is what is the type of spring material and also the small cylinder that is at one end, we also want to know what metal is, thanks

    what is the amp reading? do you get higher reading by pressing the spring closer together? How many can you supply?

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