Fox News Busted For Distorting Poll On Global Warming

boxes they’ve decided to do you know the
poll uh… on whether uh… scientists or falsifying their research to support
their own conclusions about global warming right now we’ve heard about this if they
on the show and of course potts was pushed idea of the day off david beard falsifying the research and uh… we got three emails of formal us
span of thirteen years from a couple of climatologist that reference small
little problems in the uh… in their dada and whether it fits
with the rest of that haha therefore spying everything malfunction a trial too hard to push
this of their put up the arrest us and poll uh… the daylight now let’s go through
that pool uh… well at what the question is this
scientist false by research to support their own theories on global warming fifty nine percent say someone lightly thirty five percent say very likely well
that’s a big number and twenty six percent say not very
likely well either and do the math on that i’m getting a
little higher than a hundred percent could that be because fox wanted to make
it seem as if everybody was absolutely sure that that uh… global warming guys
or may happen false weather of course of course was numbers can be true because
they don’t add up to a hundred percent and plots in the before said look if
there are any kind of occurs on here again people will be punished they might be suspensions there might be
terminations we’re not going to do this kind of bias on our repair at all ok
whether it’s mislabeling republic that are in charge as democrats
which they have done on it can occasion after occasional over and over
again they’ve done it is a powerful all you are accidents area we have another
pure accident opera fox news it’s funny how these accidents always
windup on their side and not against it funny how again in this case they want
to see mike follow overwhelming majority of people think said uh… cool
scientists are full of crap and look at that they’re to take the
poll numbers and padam together course what they did was they took the somewhat likely and very likely
number they combine them for fifty nine percent and then they put the very lightly
number the anyway wants to make it seem like well issue that was overwhelmed did you know i think that anybody was a
catch up with it doesn’t equal under uh… and what its itself it might not be a big deal an
action spend this much time but you know with me right you get the
irony of them talking about the scientist doctor in numbers while they’re doctoring numbers about
side is doctor numbers about box you know what we still call here the
actors what percentage of you think fox doctors
their numbers their present conservative point of view but what about a hundred
twelve percent say yes they do a hundred twenty eight percent say very likely at
eleven forty three percent say somewhat like and uh… twelve percent say not like what what what

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