Flexible Solar Cells Could Be Woven Into Clothes

this is a fascinating science story the
first flexible fiberoptic solar cells that can
be woven into clothes are being developed this is but on
international team of engineers this is a physicists and chemists were developed the first five rocket
solar cell these are their they human hair they’re flexible and they produce
electricity just like a normal solar cell the u_s_ military is of course
already interested in the zipping about weeding them into clothing it’s almost
like a wearable power source as you walk around your equipment is powered
literally by the sun think about all of these other ideas i mean you could weave
this stuff into a building right i mean you you could literally
we’ve this into a building in the building itself is powered by the sun heated clothing right and evaluate this
idea i know you’re often very harsh about potential new technologies you consider
them either stupid or just not practical are unlikely to come to fruition
evaluate this one it seems like a reasonable idea but
uh… generally speaking in the future we’re going to have batteries that are much smaller and much more
powerful which will probably eliminate the need
for something like this will go where will the battery be charged from you
still need to charge that battery and using the son could be a great idea let me give you an example a cellphone the battery in the cellphone
might get smaller and smaller and last longer and longer fine but what if you had a baseball hat with
these fibers warning and you can plug that reading to your phone and charge it
off of you have yes it seems interesting but like i said
i think i think with her just technologies that were not thinking of that will make this obsolete evaluate
this on a scale of one to ten one being completely worth of spending the most
interesting idea you’ve ever heard to louis this scale with everything’s
below a five-week what’s the latest are doing with the
latest eight that we’ve talked about on the ship the latest a yeah are now i’ve got a good one on tomorrow’s gonna
show that ok have a very good he’s worked as a list of any tends to lose
any pens by can recall uh… ten now sorry do you remember if you can
recall it i don’t remember recalling one and i can remember not recall colorado
don’t feel like alberto gonzales rhetoric

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