Fleeing climate change — the real environmental disaster | DW Documentary

Fleeing climate change — the real environmental disaster | DW Documentary


    Imagine hundreds of thousands of desperate Europeans illegally entering African countries to escape "climate change". How would they be treated lol

    Don't forget to add the 800 million additional people to be added to planet by 2030! That makes these numbers higher and the stress on everyone else and food and water much higher.

    Governments are doing nothing to address climate change in any meaningful way. They will let millions die which will end up being the solution.

    It's also being destroyed by tourism in all of our natural places that help keep the planet healthy, we are our worst enemies

    Don’t worry about climate change but worry about diseases like coronavírus .. this is what happening when you lost faith

    Only if you people would listen to the indigenous people we wouldn’t have a climate change we told you this was gonna happen now it’s to late we failed future generations but there is no future now

    While our plant is dieing the rich is just getting richer……stop them they r the one killing us all…..stop please stop

    Exodus but why you people just sitting there just complaining wake up you people.you all play your park in it now you must fix it or die with it madness it can be fix wake up people give it all back

    Climate migration has long been apart of our own history it's scary to see it starting to happen again though.
    We know various homosapiens ancestors had to migrate across the globe for survival, and we know the Earth always goes through climate cycles and will in fact go into another ice age.
    We really need to stop speeding up the process but saying that humans can stop climate change is a lie. We can stop climate change like we can stop the Earth from spinning. . .all we can do is slow down our influences that are exacerbating the stages.

    Why are you keep having kids if your so poor. This people are so dirty no wonder nature wants them out. I understand they suffering but look all this garbage is laying all over, plastic bottles and tons of other junk. Look at India, they throwing dead people in the ocean instead of burying them. Thats what you get.

    i was in s.w. florida 2 years ago visiting my 85 year old parents. on the nightly news they were giving toxic contamination warnings for an outbreak of blue green algae in surrounding waters. highly toxic and deadly to humans. whole canals and beaches were being temporarily fenced off to keep people out. while i'm trying to listen to the toxic warnings i'm having to listen over my mom talking about my dads recent splint implementation. she was saying how the doctor said it was really nothing to worry about as the artery was only 50% blocked. i sat in silence, how do you respond to this kind of thinking?

    Gosh… the first premise in the movie is factually incorrect… right at the get go….. Statistics indicate that weather is not getting more extreme, only the reporting of it. Look it up…. wow…

    Everything turns to dust.& weather patterns are on the move constantly.& climate change has always happened for a long time.& it's devasting consequences affects the whole world is a very worst thing that's going on.

    No country on earth has been safe.its reality that people think about.it is real.& u need better supplies to try survive this climate change.& everyone have to get more worried about this.going into the more distant future

    Wildfires/Cylones/heatwaves & unstable weather.

    Awful hear that how miserable life many people have and it not getting better. Human extinction begun. Why those people have kids ? I don't understand …

    And i will teach you all wat i got in highschool. That you cant create enery n cant get rid of it too.

    So there is no way to late to change our lifestyle

    Shouldn't the tens of thousands warmer scientist have already moved inland & the warmer politicians should be all driving electric cars to save themselves if this isn't a hoax – Obama & Al Gore both own homes by the sea. I think Iran & N. Korea are bigger problems w/ nuclear war, or a rock from space, overpopulation to starve us, a virus , a flu or aliens to name a few.

    Just wanted to comment on one of the visuals provided in this documentary. It is not correct and actually videotaped in Laos. I refer to the scene where the narrator states that this happened just last year and shows an images and video of a construction site, including construction vehicles and a backhoe attempting to get out of harm's way as water rushes by. This video was shot during the collapse of a dam in southern Laos. Just wanted to correct the record.

    Our EVIL US GOVT are GEOENGINEERING the weather WORLDWIDE and they have been geoengineering the weather for TWENTY YEARS! DAILY they are dumping TONS of nano aluminum, barium, strontium and many other harmful and toxic chemicals. They have been deliberately CAUSING disasters, serving the evil UNITED NATIONS/Rothschild's NWO depopulation agenda!! Bush Sr committed TREASON when he agreed to the evil UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development worldwide CONJOB which gives EVERYTHING on the planet, including EVERYTHING WE OWN (!) to the UN!! It gives them all of our natural resources, our cars, homes, lands, and even our CHILDREN, and our govt has been FORCING these agendas on us! Congress even gave control of the INTERNET to the UN, that's why we are now being CENSORED! The floods and droughts are DELIBERATE according to UN agendas, which are REDISTRIBUTING America's wealth. The worldwide tunnel system is also being used for these agendas from HELL.

    No other country except Germany has headache about climate change. They want to prove themselves as good people by letting these people in. In reality they just want cheap labour.

    LOOK UP People !! we now have our 2nd Sun in our sky almost All solar systems have two Suns. When this Sun passed by Jupiter and Mars it caused devastation and melted their ice caps and then melted their cores now that our 2nd Sun is within sight. Our Earth is heating up and is being pounded by the million miles of space rocks the 2nd Sun is pulling behind it.
    My wife and I live in Florida and have been taking pictures of our 2nd sun for three years and when you go to You Tube and type in planet X or Nibiru you will see pictures that people are taking of it all around the world. Now the cause for all the weather problems, our Earth is being in three different directions. Our 2nd Sun is pulling one way, our Moon is pulling in an other, then our old sun is pulling against Earth. This is why we have sink holes, Earthquakes, Floods, Snowing in Arabia, Pole Shift, Volcanos, Fires every where and this is only the beginning. Climate change is NOT caused by man !!!!!!!!

    The people of the Global South will have to FORCE people in developed countries to change their production & consumption patterns because first worlders will not relinquish their privilege willingly

    Blame the Large Corporations, Big Pharma, popular label clothing industries and Technology … Im not the one who dumps hormones and chemicals into the rivers or clothing dye into dams or rolled out wifi and 5G putting a huge strain on electrical grids globally. Its not me who benefit from pumping hormones into cattle and force feed chickens living in cramped cages and not let out to walk freely. Am I the one chopping down trees and burning rainforests? So WHY BLAME ME??? Life…yes all kinds of natural life are needed for weather cycles to be effective. But when psychotic 'humans' craves power while 'good' people are asleep …then we should not expect anything to be normal in this world ever again… not even the weather.

    Wow, this a very biased movie. This video should address businesses in countries such as Indonesia and India who are polluting the environment like western businesses did in the past. The solution doesn't lie in making the west (and China) a scapegoat. The solution is embracing what is actually been done and can be done to create cleaner energy and have better waste management in that very west (and China) after which all that technology could be shared with countries who are severely polluting their own environment. It's videos like this that are confusing the issue. There is no solution in polarising, simplify a discussion to a fight between rich and poor. That makes matters only worse. Any sane person tries to understand how climate change really works. Even if that isn't completely clear. Only with real facts can you address real problems. Not with false sentiments of (mostly) western bleeding hearts and lily livered images of (indeed) wretched children in poor countries succumbing (mostly) to the corruption of their own governments. #CircumStantialEvidence

    DW consistently produces good quality documentaries. Thank you, DW! What is needed now is a general understanding of our inherent and intrinsic unity as a human family. The book, Not-Two Is Peace, describes it all–how we got into this mess and how to get out of it, and entirely peacefully. Not-Two Is Peace. The only way we are really going to be saved–and save this beautiful planet!

    It should be Anticreation no Procreation, STOP having kids!! Unless climate change is reversed the future is bleak & is even bleaker for the children being born now.

    Humans don't have the intelligence to get out of their own way, and that should be enough to prove there is no God. This stupid superstitious thinking is largely what causes people to deny reality and scientific evidence. The world will be a much better planet without humans on it.

    And now we have the Corona virus that might kill millions and weird weather in Europe floods hurricanes mini typhoons. Droughts and fires elsewhere

    How can the The Indian Ocean sea levels be rising to flood Indonesia? The Indian Ocean is connected to The Atlantic Ocean , The Pacific Ocean and The Arctic Ocean there is a reason why we measure things from sea level. The Indian Ocean can't rise without all the oceans on earth also rising. It's like saying, Today Japan was completely submerged underwater due to rising sea levels but San Francisco and Los Angeles suffered no damage, both cities are perfectly ok.

    This is a terrible documentary. It says that the weather is getting more extreme with no proof. There is plenty of proof, however, that hundreds of civilizations through thousands of years that failed and risen due to climate change. The worst assumption that can be made is that the climate is stable. The only thing that's different today is that when climate fluctuates it now affects millions of people instead of hundreds of thousands. Cities like Jakarta and Venice were built in a terrible geographical location, what is happening today was only a matter of time. Just like the Egyptian city of Heracleion thousands of years ago was build in a poor location and it now is 10 meters underwater.

    People in the west like to put the question of poverty and its causes in a general sense, and blame the big industres, the military industrial complex, the capitalist society, the rich, big oil, bit tech, Wall Street.
    I put it in a particular and concrete way. While you are exercising in a modern school, kids are sitting in flood waters in a classroom somewhere else. While you cram your face with hamburgers, pollution and environmental degradation from the plume of animal farming and and dry dung particulars causes asthma. While you own more than enough shoes a single person needs, cars, computers, food, material these industries require to bring all those nice things are taken from places in dire need of the materials. A house in a rich nation for four people is the opposite of a house some place else, a hut, or shanty for ten people made of cardboard in a poor nation. To make a gun, weapon, or a cell phone in a rich nation is a rock for defense, or a rag time army, or a pigeon for communication in a poor nation. I always see an object or a thing as not the same object or thing in another part of the same world.

    Only thing getting more extreme is lying Fake News guess what people one day it hot the next day is cold get use to it.only thing changing is your underwear

    In Europe we have enough beggars, so Africans, you will only be welcome if you have skills. Otherwise, nowadays, you will get beaten by the prople and expelled by the states. We are full and impoverished, so we cannot afford compassion any more. Understand that.

    Hahahahaha…while woke cllimate elites buy water front properties…they know something they don't want the rest of us to know…climate hysteria is a lie.

    Their climate change problem is really linked to deforestation but the government is blaming it on world-wide pollution causing climate change to keep their hands clean from selling of the trees that balance the natural order of their natural water flow …

    Why NASA wants to go to Mars is a mystery, if they only wait a few more years, Earth will become just like Mars. 👀😩💀

    All this disruption in the climate is as a result of greed,
    over production of; goods, clothes thousands of second
    hand clothes are shipped to poor countries, as the more
    affluent peoples, make and buy the newest fashions ,over
    production of bicycles, millions are stored in china with
    no one wants them, cars ,farming, millions of tons
    of food are plowed back into the ground, in order
    to keep the prices down, millions of unnecessary high rise
    buildings, much of them unoccupied , deforestation,
    to make luxury goods, our ancestors used to have
    one suit, for marriage, and burial, now we have closets
    full of clothes and shoes, we would need many
    life times to wear, that's progress for the rich,
    much of these things are used for a short period of
    time, then thrown on the garbage heap

    I was hoping to learn more about how our rising cO2 levels increase the amount of rock weathering and if this is something thats even taken into account?. Theres no doubt there is a huge increase in the carbon dioxide. I just think that for for humanity sake a warmer earth to a certain extent will actually be a blessing. One part of this is Siberia, and the canadian tundras becoming arable land. Most uninhabited land on earth is in the northern hemisphere in these places. So yes this is scary but its also unknown just how its going to play out. it certainly isnt an existential crisis for the US at the moment.

    The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer. Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable. Washington Times, 1922.
    They’ve been trying to scare you for almost 100 years.

    The answer to drying up lakes and rising ocean levels? Pump water from the oceans for desalinization. Even salt water will work. the Cost? All countries with ocean access can print money to pump water. australia and israel have successful tech,

    I would at least pick up trash and burn it somewhere, paper and safe to burn things anyway. I can't imagine just letting my little village look like a trash heap, flooding or not. I wonder if they have considered building up or building on stone pilings. That way, flood water can travel under the buildings.

    Soo sad climate change is real and noooo joke! the whole world is suffering – the Corona virus spread is getting worse with no cure in site as of yet. May the Most High Help Us All!

    Sea level has only risen 3cm per decade. Jakarta is sinking at 250cm per decade. So why do they talk about Jakarta flooding as a climate change story?

    We have always been nomads.. Keep moving to the greener grass… WE HUMANS did NOT do this ..The SUN is in charge !!! Pompous humans…in change of nothing ..learn how to grow your own food and get off the grid as much as possible..You will survive just a tad bit longer than your neighbor who wants to eat you !!!

    Matthew 7:24-27 New International Version (NIV)

    The Wise and Foolish Builders

    24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. 26 But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

    When we stop using fossil fuel the USA will save $billions on military spending as there will be no need to be in the middle east.

    Truthers should scour this excellent insight to what's known as to what's said here and statements made that itself sinks and holds up nothing …

    Ahh didums the earth moves closer to the sun nothing can be done but to follow nasa and finde some were new

    Besides the manmade con trails and building where man should not build.
    This is not climate change this is Biblical the signs are all there.
    There is only one way.

    Well you know Ludwig the 14 wrote in his memoirs that the table-win froze on the kitchen table AND then it stared to get warmer TO FIX the global warming we need to find out what they did back then and reverse it and like a good wish global warming is gone OR you aCCEPT WHAT IS GOING ON and the accept that TALK TALK TALK just do not do it Thanks

    "We dont have enough to eat" she said while sat with her five children, guess what? if I had 5 kids i would also be skint…you dont see the problem here?

    1:45 – Incessant breeding – not enough resouces. That small section should sum up this 42 minute video

    The story of civilization is the story of the ebb and flow of water- get over the man-made climate change illusion.

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