Feminine Energy Secrets to Attract & Keep a High Quality Masculine Man Chasing You – LOA ENERGY!

Feminine Energy Secrets to Attract & Keep a High Quality Masculine Man Chasing You – LOA ENERGY!

so hi everyone Adrienne Everheart right here
your love and relationship coach I have a great video for you about how you can
attract and keep a high quality man coming your way so if not only attract a
man but if you have a man right now and you’re beginning to fill a little
distance perhaps he’s not texting or calling as much I’ll actually show you
how you can attract him back to you using a great energy technique and also
one of the most important tips and powerful things you have as a woman to
attract and keep your man coming your way so hang with me during this little
tutorial I’m going to show you how male energy and female energy interact and
why this is so important to have a long lasting loving fulfilling relationship
with a man so I’m going to explain it all let me get my little pin on here
well as you know from my figures here we have the male energy this is a guy and
we have female energy this represents the female if the dress didn’t give that
away now a lot of times we have a hard time understanding men we have a
difficult time understanding what they’re doing so we as women spend a lot
of our energy focused on the man and the more our energy is focused on the man
this pushes the man away so more energy you put on the man the man goes further
away but yeah if you lean back and you put your energy all on you and your life
the man will suddenly begin to have interest in you alright
so why does it work this way why is masculine and feminine energy why
does it even work this way let me explain that a little bit male energy is
that of pursuing hunting finding this is what male energy is all about feminine
energy is a receiving energy we just lean back and receive male energy wants
to hunt find claim right so the problem is is that women we can sometimes get
into our male energy which is a great thing for a lot of reasons because this
is how we get things done this is how we are you know at work at home this is how
we make things happen in our life how we got through college how we’re supporting
our kids only on one income is your male energy all right that helps you get
things done but when it comes to a man it actually sends him like we said in
the other direction so you also have feminine or female energy which is what
a man is highly highly attracted to and drawn to now one of my favorite examples
for this is have you ever cried at work as a woman have you ever cried at work
because I know I have and a lot of my female clients will admit they have
cried at work now if a man were to cry at work it would be career suicide so
this is a great example of how we’re so different the man is in a much different
world all day long than the woman is at work especially so
the man is actually drawn to you because you do have this soft feeling wonderful
energy about you and he wants some of that he wants to be in this safe place
where he is loved and accepted and he’s able to
Phil as well have feelings express his feelings now he maybe had a relationship
with his mom where he could do that or his grandma or a sister or an auntie or
really good female friend but he was not having amazing sex with that woman
I hope not so that’s where you come in because you can be the hot sexy
girlfriend who also emotionally gets him and he’s in a safe place with you
emotionally all right now let’s talk a little bit about what a man wants what
he really really wants ultimately a man wants a confident and secure woman
who has her own life her own ambitions and her own energy coming right at her
all about her world the man loves that in a woman he also wants you to be warm
and receptive and show your feelings so I don’t know about you but I was
actually rewarded as a child if I was in my male energy and I pushed my feelings
down so a lot of times as little girls growing up we believe we’re supposed to
hide our feelings or push our feelings down or we think about what we should
say or how we should be right now instead of just what we’re really
feeling and remember man is in that male energy world all day long
so when he comes home who wants to go into the feminine female feminine energy
world he wants to sit around and be there with you he’s not necessarily in
this female energy but he just wants to observe it be around it it feels
comforting it feels wonderful to a man that’s what makes him attracted and
drawn to you all right so a lot of times when you’re just dating a man you’re not
really in a committed relationship and we’re just dating he begins to lose
a certain amount of value in you because have a lot of reasons a man can suddenly
just begin to change their mind about a relationship it usually has something to
do with what the woman is doing in her own life and how much energy she’s
putting on that man so I want to start off with talking a little bit about how
you have changed so how you’ve changed so when you first started dating this
man were you calling him were you texting him were you waiting at every
moment to hear from him and liking all his facebook updates thinking that
that’s how you would you know make sure he knew that you liked him we’re
probably not when you first started dating this man he was pursuing you and
you were like I don’t know about this guy and then at some point you really
fell for him and you possibly begin to change and put all of your energy into
the man and less and less and less energy on you and what happened your
value changed in his eyes and we can’t blame the man this is really about DNA
again his DNA wants to pursue and claim and hunt and if something is readily
available for him and their energies coming out and making him nervous making
him feel under a microscope your value goes down so how do you make your value
go back up you go back to being the woman he once fell in love with and if
you didn’t have a ton of things going on back then now’s a great time to expand
and really ask yourself how can I make my life rich full juicy full of things
that I love full of people I love things I love to do where have you been missing
out and not putting yourself the number one in your life because that is why man
is attracted and drawn to you now we talked a little bit about what pulls a
man in and what keeps him there and I mentioned your secret secret most
powerful tool you have with a man and that is your feelings under my why so
your feelings here now a lot of men they will write in their online dating
profile I do not want a lot of drama and then will even say it I don’t like drama
I don’t do drama so we might think our feelings are actually about drama how
can we tell someone how we feel and all these things were having without drama
well you can when you’ve learned how to do that one incredibly most powerful
thing you can do that will secure the man’s heart he will know he has found a
woman that can open up her heart to him let him see that beautiful world that we
women live in feelings and softness and warmth and making everything okay in the
home making this world a beautiful place to live in that is what women do we’re
very soothing creatures and a man is drawn to that so learning to express
your feelings without drama is key that is what you want to do that is your most
powerful tool you have as a woman so how do you do this how do you share your
feelings without drama well I teach a great tool that you just express your
feelings by using the words I feel I’m feeling right out and you practiced it
with everybody in your life you practice it on kids on your coworkers on anyone
that you speak with start getting in touch with how I’m feeling and it can be
something as simple as oh I’m feeling pulled in this room hurowitz I feel so
hot outside or oh I’m feeling tired I’m feeling
sleepy I’m feeling hungry I felt scared in that movie oh I felt happy when I
reached the ending of my book just get in the habit of trying to find what
you’re feeling is because so often we say what should I say to the man what
should I do and that’s when you’re you’re thinking boy energy that’s you
and your masculine energy when you’re thinking about what you should say to
him oh you feel your way through and at the ‘coach that’s one of the things I
can help you with in fact that’s what I do more than anything I help couples who
have broken up get back together I’ve actually helped successful marriages I
caused marriages I prevented divorces and I have gotten a lot of women
reconnected with the man that they love after a breakup because all we did was
go back into these very important places here and and get it working again so
that’s what we do and that’s what I hope you do now
we’ve talked a little bit about changing and I want to talk to you about things
that you may be doing to push your man away that you don’t really know are
pushing him away or not aware of it and a lot of women again with your energy is
on the man and on the man you’re trying to change him you’re trying to control
him you’re getting him to do something different you’re hoping to influence him
and a lot of times we do this on Facebook even on Instagram and messenger
we text and text and text and text we like all these photos we make comments
and you’re just pushing your energy all over him and the
do what he’s going to go in that direction as fast as he can and he’s
going to find other women to talk to who are not putting a ton of pressure on him
and are not just engulfing their energy all over him and that is the quickest
way to lose a man it’s by just always being there always doing for him and
pursuing him because that’s you and your male energy you’re pursuing you’re doing
the man wants to be in his male energy pursuing you doing for you you have to
learn how to lean back and let him do this and for a lot of high-powered
powerful dynamite women leaning back and trusting the man that he can turn the
ship around it’s very difficult for a lot of us let go about control does take
practice and again that’s what I’m here for
I hope you get it right so I hope that this video has been helpful for you
about the male/female energy exchange and if you have any questions or
comments about this please use the comment section below you can always
email me at ever hurt coaching at gmail.com and of course visit my website
ever hurt coaching com I hope to talk to you real soon and I’d
be happy to answer any questions you might have about this energy exchange
and how you can reconnect with the man you love pull them closer and keep him
there so even have a long lasting successful relationship of the man in
marriage for years and years you will still be using these very same tools
forever and they’ll feel wonderful once you really learn how to use them
everything becomes very easy very effortless this is not a lot of work so
you go from a place of wandering and figuring it out and thinking about him
and trying to solve this to a place where
you only receive and it feels good to him and it feels amazing to you so I
hope to talk to you soon take good care.


    well, I believe you, because this is exactly what i'm doing lol. I come from that family of strong women. goodness. thank you

    We live in a different world persay-you can make a home cosy but I doubt that that will solve all problems! And problems with the male psyche! Persay; not with all males but some!
    If a man is working all day and she is not well then; ultimately, if she looks after the kids; and does other duties-she may want to stop as he get's there for obvious reasons like: The overload of her work! Is that fair-? Were all different! I do not give my female energy to the wrong guy in life! And I won't I'm sorry but men have gone funny and actually I find a lot of them to think differently in that; they, at times go with their emotions to make decisions, at times! They do that and at other times they use their rationale and sex-like the DNA you were speaking of! At times they make the wrong decisions, as while they are thinking; with their emotions-they are not sensing the correct reality and they second guess! They don't ask and assume! I think males need help today I'm not kidding! They seriously do and women won't say it but they do! They've gone funny or there's too much of what they want

    i appeciate your passion and bravery putting this up. its beautiful in its own right, but your parotting Giordanna Toc work. sometimes we can get so excited about learning something and want to share. i understand better than anyone. yet not truly understanding the information and just reguritating it can lead to issues you havent prepaired for to say the least. ❤

    it's almost criminal to post retarded videos like this one. all women have to do is to look good, smile and show interest, THAT'S IT!! everything else is wrong and counter-productive. to all you womyn asking yourselves why you're single and can't find a decent guy: it's because you ain't doing shiit, and/or you have the wrong ideas/values, and these lead you to bad men.

    I got very into masculine energy and it truly saved my confidence and improved setting boundaries with people who were mean to me .

    I'm in love with the warrior energy – fighting for what i love. This is who i am.

    But at the same time.. I'm scared of feminine energy because i feel will make me weak again..

    any woman thinking that crying at work (Or being very emotional) is NOT a carrier sepuku.. unless your career is being a secretary.. you’re delusional

    Lady the men stop using their masculine energy on us after they already got us okay .they only use this in the initial stage .Because we sit back and let them do and then they stop after they got u so that's why we always take on the role in order to get them to pick it up back .it's ridiculous

    I remember I once cried at work (working at Ernst & Young). I couldn't help it, I tried my best not to, but I couldn't. The day I got the news 2 of my best buddies were leaving. it wasn't "carrer suicide", but it is considered a sign of weakness (specially for men)

    You could just say, "Stop being a ball busting bitch, and give him sex" and that would cover it all.

    I did not see on revealing emotions … do we reveal we are overwhelmed say with yardwork. Or say we are feeling conflicted with for instances my teenage son, or my sister. I'm not sure it's good to Invite him into my personal world. When I know he keeps me at arms length. I can't meet his friends or family. We have dynamic energy… smile incessantly he wants me spend the night all the time but, then get hot n cold. E

    What about when he has a problem with you or the relationship, he said he feels insecure because he doesn’t feel respected by my friends. How would I help fix this by using feminine energy?

    Why can’t two people find each other and equally contribute effort and just be great! It’s all too complicated 😰

    I love being in my feminine energy. But, when I meet a man that doesn’t do well in his masculine energy I switch up so quick. I hate seeing it all crumble in the name of “staying in character”

    I pretty much stay aloof.
    No texting or calling a guy.
    He has to chase…a lot.
    I'm worthy to myself first and happy, too.
    If he joins me, great…otherwise, bye bye.

    what if your boyfriend isn't manly and doesn't persue? Or what if you're single and all the guys are to afraid to persue you, but as soon as you make the move they are not interessted?

    Like this video, I get real impatient with men. Got to just sit back & wait & on them smh. Then when they're ready to so called pursue me I'm not interested. Guess this game isn't for me. 💯👌

    Yes, this is true and it makes sense but it usually works when you already want to keep someone,what about initial attraction? Let's just be real that looks are the most important thing when you first meet someone, yes it is true that you need to connect afterwards but if you don't look nice,no one will pursue you

    This changed my perspective so much. Too sad we already broke up a month ago. I will use this knowledge in my God knows future relationship🙏. Thank you so much.

    So when he finally comes back to calling and texting do we just wait like a puppy with open arms? What are the repercussions for a man that pulls away for most of the work week? Legs open on the weekend? I’m very hurt but leaning back doing my own thing. At this point I don’t trust him or care

    A complete misinterpretation of masculine and feminine energy right here. Justifying lazy behaviour for women. Selfish and uninspired. A woman has to open up to be receiving. Acting like you're all about yourself is how you chase off any man worth his salt. It's called being self absorbed. Yeah if you put all your energy towards him, you'll chase him off because being clingy is scary for guys, they like their independence, their hunter mojo. But at the same time they want to feel welcome, they want to feel the feedback of being desired much like you want to feel wanted, appreciated. Except in His case it's simple and straightforward. Guys don't feel HALF the shades of emotions We do. They got the happy, they got the angry, they aren't two-dimensional don't get me wrong it's just that you want to simplify things when you deal with your feminine energy and try to communicate. So Yeah I agree don't do drama. The 'I feel' thing is fine but here's a better trick. If he asks whats wrong, tell him and don't go around the block just simplify it. Don't tell him the whole story about how you went for a jog and met your boss and her suit was a carbon copy of something you wore last week and the copycat even rubbed it in and you feel frustrated just tell him you're mad at some other woman who's trying to beat you at your game and he'll probs be like "well you're the best there is and I love you so much" I mean if he's a real supporting guy he'll do it like that. Guys hate long stories, they lose track of half of what you said, so get to the point. He gets to the point and doesn't do second meanings. If he says he's tired, he probably is. Being independent and having your own things to do is fine but you gotta remember that He isn't great at expressing even the simple emotions he has usually so you gotta be open about yours and don't do tricks.

    I am a do'er or a nurturer naturally. I am not sure how to step back from being that way. But I have been told that I do too much for them. I am too nice. Is that possible?

    I need to say that I love when you say that many women pursue men thru FB, Instagram , check his photos and “text, and text, and text and text”……….ha ha ha. That made me laugh so much cuz it is so true! The problem is when I tell a girlfriend about leave that man alone and lean back and turn her energy toward herself but she doesn’t understand and keeps on pursuing him and eventually that man pulls away because he feels so overwhelmed .

    I have watched a number of your videos and I still cannot comprehend the concept. It could be due to my fear of losing the interest of the guy if I focus on myself so I have done in the past been very what I thought was being thoughtful and attentive. Is it a balancing act? It's very hard for me to now be around men as I am confused as to how I am suppose to be around them.

    I’m confused u say a man is supposed to pursue her isn’t it the other way around bc a man has his own mission/ purpose to follow why would he pursue a woman or chase maybe talk to her here and there and from those light exchanges she feels his masculine energy leaving and going back on his path and therefore she is attracted and pursued him

    Male here. Sharing some perspective in case you might like it.

    Adrienne is spot on when it comes to smothering focus of girls on the guy and relationship. It's not attractive when girls or guys lose themselves in anything, be it a dogma, a job title, ideology, or a relationship. It's a sign of immaturity, and lack of understanding personal boundaries. I broke off with a decent girl due to this. She was amazing person, but would not for the life of her focus on her own priorities and personal issues. She existed entirely in the relationship, and her problems encroached too much to my life, until the cutting tool had to be called for.

    That being said, I share this out of care here, be aware that if a man is in the same room with a woman who is entirely conversing about her own feelings 100% of time, she does come across as self-centered (she actively asserts, through her behaviour of concerning herself with feelings, that her feeling has primary legitimacy and priority over all else, including feeling and concerns of her partner). Narcissism is me-focused, while a healthy mature and balanced person is both internal and other-focused depending on appropriate circumstances. When I see a female narcissist (focusing on her feelings only and being blind to others is a very good indicator of narcissism), I see the seeds of a dysfunctional future wife and mother if I move ahead with her. Deal-breaker indeed.

    If you see a man who is entirely detached from empathy and emotion, we call that person a psychopath by definition. So responsibility goes both ways here. A woman's inability to rise above her feeling is negative and disorderly and narcissistic, same way as a man's inability to have empathy and compassion towards others is psychopathy and destructive.

    If you have not taken time to develop skills to know when and how of rising above your own feelings (definition of maturity = an attractive positive trait in women = signifies female wisdom and stability that every man needs and admires), then the feelings are ruling over you like tyrannical masters. By extension, any man in your life, against his will, will have to face being subservient to the feelings that you have refused to control, and he then is being asked to manage it for both of you. Rest assured, this can only go on for a limited amount of time, and trouble awaits if this is carried on.

    Macho guys want there opposite. want a manly man, act very girly and that's what gets his attention. very simple. flowers in hair, can't open the jar of butter, sundress. trust me ladies it works. think Disney princess, there girly girls and they get price charming.

    How can tell a man what I want or need from him without looking needy or weak ; it is like expressing an emotional need in a feminine polite way with knowing that I’ll get it without fear of disappointment

    I had an aha moment recently. All beauty men experience in life is a form of feminine energy.

    We paint paintings. We make cars that have curves like women. If we aren't getting that feminine energy from a woman. We'll try to find that soft, loving, warmth in our hobbies. If we become too masculinized while focused on work and self improvement, and we don't have a woman, we'll turn to porn, or alcohol, or something else in order to feel that soothing beauty.

    And we become overly angry when we don't get that soothing energy.

    Your absolutely right, and I think most guys are like that…. Most guys like to play games because unfortunately only a rare few are different. "The less difficult ones"

    “Learning to express your feelings without drama” boooom drops mic I beg my generation let’s pledge to teach our daughters the biological gender energies a gender neutral society is NOT what we should be striving for! let’s stop pitting our women against our men by saying we need gender equality!! We live in a patriarchal hierarchy and THANK GOD feminine energy is not orderly, logistical, or systematical!!!

    Hei Adrienne.. I have just found you and ur tips are amazing. I can easily relate. But I have a question. Doesn't leaning back and receiving all the time make a woman self -centered? I think men like when we cook for them, serve them food, give them gifts on special occasions, take care of their home stuffs. Not giving, only receiving .. does it really work? I have always seen that men love women who are caring.

    Well, we men literally die for a feminine, submissive woman…that is a lady.
    The less submissive a woman is the more masculine she will be perceived by men and naturally that woman will feel like a dude to us and it drives masculine men away and attracts weak feminine men.
    You want a masculine high value man? Be as submissive and feminine as you can. Easy.

    No. A man is not pulling away because the woman pursues him in general. The man pulls away because she pursues him not in a submissive way but rather in a dominant way by "mothering" him…
    This caveman theory of yours is just wrong…

    This is brilliant, I feel so inspired by you, you're such an adorable person, I feel so much gratitude 🙂

    I tried to purchase your femm programme through PayPal and the system wouldnt let me! Ill try tomorrow. ♡

    What if he really pulled back huge? After a week l reached out . He responded 15 mins later. We ended it nice. But we do not cross each others path. He did like some of my pictures but he also like my saying that said " someone's effort is a reflections of there interest in you:
    I took this personally but who knows maybe lm overthinking.
    What can l do to regain him to reach out and invite me out? Please guide me.

    This is difficult really 😂 I am a boss at My work and really have a lot of masculine energy. I am. Currently in a great long distance relationship with a man from Italy who aims to meet me in a few months. And I can't help but feel a bit anxious as to whether this will really happen. I know he loves me and he does express this often. But there are also times when he is totally in his weekday workzone mode where I don't feel like I matter too much to him because he's busy. It's times like these when I feel like I have to be talking to him and in control. But I'm slowly learning that I need to just lean back. And let him come around. It's quite difficult but I realize I am a busy woman and do have a lot going on so it's step by step just getting into my body.

    I need to learn a little bit more about how to receive from my man. Im really trying the "feel" part and that's going well but how do I receive

    I love how you encourage us to feel and share our feelings in mature authentic ways. Because thats who we are as feminine females: feelers and sharers. I absolutely love your concepts because they encourage us to BE. Just BE. And i love love love it!! Thank you so much.

    Adrienne, I am a stay at home mom. I’m confused. So ok, my husband goes to work. And I am here all day thinking about what to cook for him. Sometimes it takes about 2 hours to cook a good dinner. And does this mean that my energy is revolving around him too much? And I also watch a lot of videos to help our relationship stay better. 1 year married

    To support your explanation, body posture plays such an important role here as well, with the chase and repel energy. I literary have to remind myself to stop what I am naturally doing, turn my body away, even turn my back at him and speak to him without looking at him vs straight in the eye, it works wonders!! lol I learned this communication skill with the body language of horses, they feel intimidated by the piercing eyes of predators and that's when they run like gazelles.

    In my opinion, the masculine man is diminishing by the day and I tend to find a lot of feminine men. What do you do when the man wants you to make the effort in pursuing him (masculine energy)? It's extremely frustrating.

    Drama is not connected to feelings. Drama is connected to poor boundaries. Let’s not get that confused. Certain people invite drama into their world because they tolerate things they shouldn’t or they don’t recognize others and trample over them. Drama isn’t necessarily about feelings, it’s about low emotional IQ. Just my thoughts.

    I am so feminine and everyone tells me that. I glorify my femininity but didn t realize that i am acting too much by my masculine energy. I really find myself, this is what i m looking for. So inspiring thanks my dear. Much love and respect xoxo

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