FALLOUT 4 BOX FORT VAULT!!πŸ“¦ ☒️ 24 Hour Challenge: Running Water, Electricity & More!

FALLOUT 4 BOX FORT VAULT!!πŸ“¦ ☒️ 24 Hour Challenge: Running Water, Electricity & More!

I don’t want to set the world on fire hi
look at that dude we ran into our first issue date we
shorted the power back up hey what can I get called the JQ from super via we are
back with a brand new video and today we are doing a video that you guys have
been through asking for you guys have been absolutely beyond savage you guys
crushed our last videos like cool and you guys have all been asking us to do a
fallout 4 themed box for it vault its vault Technic box for 24 hours that’s
right so we are going to be making a fallout 4 themed box for vol so that
we’re going to be surviving in you guys never played fallout before or played
fallout shelter you might not know what this is about but I’m sure a lot of you
guys haven’t playing it but they don’t know I’ll give you up to speed so the
basis behind this guys is there is a war coming there’s a massive war and we need
to be secure inside our vault once the vault door closes nothing gets in and
Logan nothing gets out we’re going to use our already made bunker that we did
in our last video and I know I asked a lot of you guys about this we said guys
how would you like it if we did box for follow up videos where we use the same
build and just maybe even better so guys this is inside the bunker so far but in
order for us to get ready to survive in this for 24 hours we need to make some
upgrades first things first we need to make a living quarters we got to make a
tunnel leading to another bunker shell that we can live in with beds and a
whole other system in there we need a working air conditioning system in here
because it’s getting hot and also we need fresh air guys we can’t breathe the
outside air when there’s a nuclear fallout going on you can’t breathe that
nuclear air the sun’s going down as always we got to prep for food and then
we’re closing the vault and surviving in here the secondary bunker / our living
quarters is coming together it’s looking awesome you flip through the roof you
think of looking amazing dude we guys before we go any farther with this I
wanted to do another kind of light bulb because I want to do a little bit of an
experiment all right for our next video we are going to be making the world’s
most luxurious box fort and we thought well if we keep the bill that we’re
using today and add on to it even more and even bigger box sports than we could
ever imagine making but we need to know if you guys are down for that we need to
know if you guys are down for us adding on to the bills or maybe you’re going to
yell papa Jing making you build every single video if we can get 100,000
lights on this video we will keep this build and make it even bigger in the
next video we will turn it into the most luxurious box for it and make the
craziest box where you ever seen put a hashtag save the Box down below and if
we get a hundred thousand likes and a lot of support we’ll save this box we
won’t tear down but if we don’t don’t get torn down we have obviously the
beginning of the bunker looking awesome as you go along we come to the tunnel
into the living corner you can put our beds in here have lots of room what’s
the bullet clothes and bags we can’t escape well you don’t want to escape
because you’ll want to have any of the bad stuff get in here mutants all-out
nuclear waste but the important part guys is we make not only a survivable
shelter that will help us survive but also that we can have fun it we’re almost finished the door on our
living quarters but Jake’s currently in the port yeah
that work about evolved in here you can’t get out so we’re going to make a
new vault door right here the new vault Wow I can only imagine the bridges from
before for 24 hours in all of this I mean it’s built well we’re not and if
we keep adding on you it might be a luxury to stay all right there goes the
last panel and guys if you want this to get even bigger don’t forget our like of
a hundred thousand likes and we’ll turn this into the most luxurious box board
and go even bigger add you know if you’ve ever played fallout shelter
before there’s a few things that every shelter needs candies water food and
electrical now we got the food down because we’ve got some rations but I got
to work on the water system now so I’m going to be making a water catcher so we
can actually catch rainwater and use it inside the vault well this is going to
be a very cool system where we have two different vault doors that open up to
the rain catcher and allow us to catch water so let’s put the water pot back in if
any water does come in we’ll catch it I am absolutely sweating I’m drenched in
sweat but luckily it was all for a good cause because I put in the actual air
system which is going to be cooling down the Box for it and giving us fresh air
there’s probably the most key system you can have and it’s going to make this
vault livable you know check this out I’ve mounted the lights on the wall I
also ran the wiring all through the bottom of the block sparks we actually
have a working outlet down here so you can plug in any electronic honestly at
first I thought we need our own electrical box systems like you have in
your fallout shelter you know you have your electrical room producing
electricity but honestly I think because of the way I did this we can work
everything out of dealt with here I know we say this kind of stuff every time we
build Oxford’s but I think this is the craziest box or build we’ve ever done
let there be light whoa dude I like the box for it so much so now we got a fully
functional light on the van off the air conditioning oh oh yeah cold air bro
alright guys now that we got the fan working as well as the light working all
we have to do now is string up the rest of the lights so that not only the main
part of the vault is lit but also our sleeping quarters will set them we’re
going to bring all of our stuff into the 24 hour challenge get set up and lock to
Baltimore luckily we have a lot of space guides at the same time we’re bringing
in a lot of stuff we’ve got nuka-cola we’ve got a radio can we just attach the
vault door oh yeah look at that so the Sun is officially gone down we’ve
gone in all of our supplies for the fallout vault it’s brought everything in
there food water we got our new Pakula we’ve got all the lights everything’s
powered will because it’s a nighttime it because that’s sort of a challenge where
you’re going to close the fall we are going to lock that vault door so nothing
can get in now thinking it out there’s our front of viewing flaps away we can
see anyone’s coming at us but what’s wearing here it’s all sincere we don’t
really need to worry too much about that are against now that we have the flat
covered up the full front of the vault is secured the final thing is the false
or guys here we go well so it’s lovely have used your bourbon man I got the
photos clothes there is absolutely no entrance with not
only is there no entrance anywhere this thing is ultra secure and it’s ready for
a fall now we’re secure in the box for it it’s
night time what we do up some dinner we’ve got some plans for tonight that’s
been fun but we’re not done work yeah we’ve got string of these lights we got
some old-fashioned fucking lights showing up and as well as sort of dust
your lights and string up along the box more if that’s goes all the way into the
other chamber in the vault which is going to be our sleeping quarters
oh there’s a box for Billy to the next level is it more like home though okay
bring string these throughout the entire bulb and they’re going to go all the way
into our living space down there Jake’s just finished adding one of these lights
our hallway are you ready to plug it in yeah dude go for it that’s awesome bro
this looks like a legit staging area for going through the different bulk
terminals alright guys next up we’ve got our lighting for the sleeping quarters
so we’re going to attach it to this string all the way around there and then
all the electrical stuff look at that dude it’s also you go from there like
any little space be coming here look cooler hashtag save the box guys the
first set of lights are all set up now we put the next side of the room we go we ran into our first issue date we
shorted the power I’m gonna try again back on line up in the electrical box
here luckily has a short circuit button so I’m trying to click it a few times
get this thing to walk back in there we go got it back in broke told you I got
these bulk tank fingers I’m like a bulb engineer now it’s like amazing man this
is awesome bro we get to take you through a little quick tour I know
you’ve seen it but I went ahead and organized all her stuff in here so the
main bunker slash shelter area is looking great we got all of our tape
over here as well some batteries that’s going to be key for our radio over here
we’ve got all the rashes lots of bottles of water our MREs also up over here guys
because this is a fall shelter because this is a follow up bunker in fallout 4
theme I brought these and Logan these are only for intense emergency right
here you go man open yourself it’s like Christmas dude your very own gas mask
bro guys got the gas masks locked and loaded on the wall there just
in case of emergency they’re at an arm’s reach so we go grab those but now that
we’ve got the electrical done we’ve got our gas masks our security we’ve got our
first-aid kit the fan is going everything has come together I know we
still make our beds we still forget the bedding set up and as well put on the
radio and you can get kind of our chilly area in there photographing these
dinnertime dudes in fallout fashion we’ve got our MREs if you have never
seen these before this is legit what you would eat if you were in a nuclear bomb
shelter or a fallout shelter this is what you’d be having these are meals
ready to eat the rationed food and they are packaged and will last a lifetime
everything that you need to eat these is all inside here you cook it with just
water you don’t even need a stove just water it keeps up a chemical in here and
makes it hot fresh and ready to eat once we open it up plus it comes with lots of
stuff sometimes you get brownies you never really know what you’re going to
get in here we’re in a fallout shelter baby and we’re eating fallout food you
never fully know what’s going to be them especially when it comes to desserts so
it’s always a surprise we got oh we got crackers boys that’s
good I actually like the crackers a nice vegetable taco pasta that’s research
things like two years and one a chocolate chip cookie for dessert oh
yeah got that cooked boys we’re going to get our main entrees
prepared I’m going to go ahead and take out the denies pass it here we’re going
to put it inside this cardboard and then you have this package this is a really
cool packet all it needs is a little bit of water it’s going to heat up really
hot cook our dinner for us and then we’re ready to eat
once that’s done pulls out in the desert this is definitely been in there for a
while but it still looks fresh definitely not moist like a brand new
cooking what is facing good mom all right guys looks like this time for our
main course the Logan here is yours – font dude all line here now
of course got our napkins here even though we’re in a fallout shelter we’re
in a vault and live in the heart bolt life does not mean we have to eat like
Sam’s exact although we are all savages here got my nice little bill on here we
even got wet naps for after we’re done eating before janitors dinner guys I
almost forgot we need to look a cola dude it’s the fallout shelter and don’t
forget guys in a fallout shelter these bottle caps are currency so when we play
our game this is your currency Logan decided in a trade I mean it’s only up
in here so I’m going to Chris you’re trading with what in a fallout shelter
capsule nothing my cap my cap now it’s time for the main course and it’s good
food really truly dude that looks amazing
Wow what’s I bought that off you fur cap all right all right guys like we said in
the fallout shelter capture currency so here you go but one cap it looks like
Papa Jake just got a new meal yeah you can get mine there you go it’s time to go to bed of course for
extra security we’re going to be closing the vault door
here this is of course a sleeping quarters so we want as much security as
we could get in here there we go no means are getting in here tonight
even if they pass through the primary vault we’re going to roll out our
sleeping bag ready for bed now oh no not at all
nice nice and comfy it’s been a long day honestly it’s also interesting cuz it’s
getting colder and colder at night too when doing is possible so I actually
really really glad that we’re in this nice comfy fallout shelter and of course
you’ve got the vault door steal their store all nice and safe
so I’m good Logan probably close to 1:00 in the morning right now guys it’s
really hard to tell the time because we’re sealed off in the vault
unplug the last light and we’ll see you guys in the morning so look at Rowan you’re definitely going
on there’s a geyser brush like it’s got that merge you got that I can see 50
Wednesday later on – got that we got myself I never bought well that’s one way to wake up look we
made the two stages to this ball dorsa this should hold but thank God we
separated them all good morning that’s vault life for you how to breach
in one side of the vault we secured the breach with the door here it’s all
locked in luckily we separated our vault but thank God we brought the gas masks
powers on here not going back in with sleeping quarters this morning I guess
it’s time for breakfast because this is a fallout life and we’re living in a
fallout shelter so we’d enjoy some some breakfast with a
nice radio the crank radio emergency but we’re going to crank it up see if we
can’t get a signal to get some wasteland radio playing all right looks like we
have some power let’s see if we get some tune there’s them too now that we got
our tunes playing we’re ready for some breakfast we’ve got one last MRE so
breakfast MRE before we pop open that vault
a pleasure enhanced multitude of increased Oh Apple thought awesome some
hydrating powder who is that pop-tart might be a pop-tart guys that’s going to
be key in cocoa beverage because know it’s morning what I have some coffee
peanut butter for a cracker and it looks like we got Apple oatmeal oh yeah brown
sugar cinnamon pop tight I’m having this for breakfast alright guys enjoying some
nuka-cola while we wait for our breakfast to be made sure but how’s
about we play some dice for your caps I got to see you extra here wait wait you
I was hoarding these out buddy wow that’s why you gave yeah you can’t live
in a fallout shelter and not have some currency on you for one cat for one cat
alright I got nine Oh ten dude these are mine now particularly got one left
alright here you go alright looks like that’s a 8 ah bro alright I you know
what is all in – purr – you want to play this game the pot has increased 800 the
pot is all mine oh so we’ve been in our vault for over
24 hours now it is officially time to exit the vault we had had so much fun in
this this is Jenny and we we’ve gone through some Dame’s we we have we’ve got
through some pages so I mean that’s remaining sealed off there’s probably
some radioactive mutants in there for all we know but it has been a absolute
blast if you guys love this video be sure to smack that like what I like to
say guys we’ve got a goal for a hundred thousand legs and we’ll keep that
hashtag save the box and we’ll turn this into the most luxurious box for time for
us to pop the hatch on the bulk and go outside and see what the world’s come to
we’re going out all right you ready login rude or have an impact what
happened out there while we were in here close the hatch dude


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