Energy Crisis–Energy Drink Review #150 Red Bull Summer Edition

Energy Crisis–Energy Drink Review #150 Red Bull Summer Edition

Hello, everyone. This is Energy Crisis, the energy drink… Report! well ladies and gentlemen, you can see it’s a real interesting change of venue, a scenic change of venue and perhaps you can say either coincidentally to the title of this video a perhaps warmer weather perhaps summertime change of venue. That’s right. We’re outside. I don’t live in some giant You know, dome that has trees in it or anything. I’m actually outdoors “Wow Reviewbrah you’re actually outdoors? You left the house for once” but I am, I’m – I’m outdoors we’re here. I said, lets eh – you know let’s have a nice little scenic setting for this review and eh – why not, you know? Energy drink review of course, and again as I said, I think it’ll be a nice little, little setting corresponding to the er – you know to the drink that we’re reviewing. Today’s review is for Red Bull, ladies and gentlemen, the Summer Edition That’s right. It’s the eh, the Summer Edition of Red Bull, and eh, you can see it’s almost a eh, Summer-like setting some people say It’s the unofficial start of Summer I – I disagree, I think it starts on the June 21st or 22nd but you know, it’s nice outside at least the Summer Edition of Red Bull Kiwi Twist energy drink vitalizes body and your mind. Serving sizes one can under 60 calories per serving, 38 grams of sugar per serving, less than one gram protein. It contains Vitamin B12 B6 pantothenic acid 70% in Niacin, caffeine content is 114 milligrams per 12 fluid ounces and this can in fact is approximately 12 fluid ounces. Eh, that is what it holds. Ingredients of course, Carbonated Water, Surcoat Glucose citric acid, taurine, natural and artificial flavors, Sodium Citrate caffeine colors blue one, et cetera, et cetera, and they’re not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, and or persons sensitive to caffeine Red Bull, the Summer Edition, the taste of Kiwi artificially flavored, the ‘Wings of Red Bull’ because they can’t say ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ anymore because it’s been scientifically proven that it does not after intense observations. It’s been noted that you don’t actually sprout wings from Red Bull anymore. You used to but you know you don’t anymore. Red Bull appreciated worldwide by top athletes, business professionals, college students and travellers on long journeys as well as shortwave listeners, rock stars and energy drink reviewers. That’s crazy. Well, alright the Summer Edition of Red Bull, eh, Kiwi twist as it says, it’s Kiwi with eh – maybe a twist? Maybe it means that it – there’s kiwi’s that were twisted by hand, before they made this? But I don’t know. Kiwi twists, a very eh – very confusing name, I will say. Kiwi twisting it up though apparently, and the Summer Edition, Summer a, favorite season of mine. I think, Summer’s a very, very nice name as well, favorite of mine. Let’s open this drink up and see what we got. Maybe it’ll be green reflecting the color on the can. Its – its gween! It’s gween! That’s eh – no one gets the reference. That’s what I once said back in the energy drink review number six When I tried out amp, I said “It’s gween!” But it is a light green in color ehm – a light green in color, it’s a very eh – very pleasant, as you can surely see it’s a light green in color er, almost lime colored but eh – very light green, very light green. I think those birds behind me agree well that it is indeed green. Alright, well can’t really smell much from this drink. Erm, I really can’t smell all too much from it so we’ll just, eh, start sipping away, and I’ll let you know if it really does have that Kiwi flavor we’ve all hoped and dreamed to have in a – in a Red Bull, and we’ll see maybe our dreams will come true. Ladies and gentlemen, bottoms up, cheers, and eh, Happy June. I don’t know if you could hear it, but if you hear like a little meowing around the camera, that’s a – eh, that’s a cat. A big fan of the channel actually, he says his favorite review is actually the, eh, the classic pan pizza one of all things believe it or not I don’t know. I don’t know why. I never was a fan of the suit in that one myself. But he’s hanging out, watching the review, live, in the flesh Okay, I think we drank a sufficient amount to, you know offer our a, offer our opinions well, for the heck of it, why not? There’s not too much left to pour the remainder of this, this beverage into this scyphate receptacle, as they call it. All right, ladies and gentlemen, what does it taste like? It’s the Summer Edition of Red Bull, does it taste like Kiwi twist? Well, I don’t know where I got the ‘twist’ from, I think they just add that in to make it sound nice the name however, the name is on point. Now, you take drink, eh – take a sip of it, the drink itself is lightly carbonated eh, very lightly carbonated you really can’t, can’t really see much of it at all in the drink itself, very well visible effervescence However when you do take a sip of the drink you do notice a very brief little tinge of carbonation and that little bit of eh, you know that little bit of eh, sizzling you know a little bit of the bubbles popping that little tingliness from it After that though there’s really two things that you’re going to notice, now number one of course is a sweetness which makes sense You know the drink itself is quite sweet in nature, Well, hello. Hello. How are you doing? How are you doing? That’s the, that’s the cat we were talking about, so we’ll just give the review nonetheless with the cat on eh, on hand Hello there. Yeah, have a seat, why not? So anyways ladies and gentlemen the eh, the drink itself You know is sweet in nature um, it is a sweet drink, however when they talk about the drink You know it has a type of eh, Kiwi flavor to it, that drink itself does have you know that type of kiwi flavor to it Erm, it has a little bit of uh Oh, now he’s being bad, alright There wasn’t anything in it, so he could knock it over anyways, so it’s fine It’s fine, you could hang out here. You’re good, you’re good …you’re good Well anyways ladies and gentlemen the fact of the matter is the drink itself has a Kiwi type of flavor to it it offers that a little bit of I’m sorry, [laughing] the fact of the matter is, is that drink has a bit of a a bit of a kiwi flavour Has a bit of a kiwi flavor to it as well erm, the kiwi itself though does offer a bit of a, bit of a tanginess and a bit of a You know, it does offer a little bit of a tanginess which pleasantly contradicts the amount of er, sweetness that the drink offers as well But the fact of the matter is that it does, does offer a bit of eh, bit of a tanginess to it and eh, That really does pleasantly contradict the eh, you know the sweetness of all the sugar in it as well. Overall though, I think it is a nice drink, erm, best served cool of course. Has that light carbonation to it which I think really works well with it and eh, Again as I reiterate, the drink itself, you know does eh, As I, as I said, does have that nice kiwi flavor that nice little tanginess from the kiwi flavor that as I said does a good job contradicting the eh, sweetness to it Offers a real good summary flavor, and eh, I recommend it especially in warmer weather like today you know? I think it’s nice and fun to drink this maybe on a cool evening with cat in hand and eh, you know? You know, just enjoy the weather, you know? Pick up some shortwave stations perhaps, and eh, you know I think it, it works out good though Now ladies and gentlemen the fact of the matter is, this drink itself is around $2 in price Erm, which is standard of Red Bull and eh, Yea, you know all in all I think eh, You know I think it works out well, I think it’s a good drink for the price I think it’s eh, it’s an all right drink. Hopefully the effectiveness will be good, but you know overall eh, Overall, I think it was eh, I think it was a good drink so out of ten ladies and gentlemen What are you rating the Summer Edition of Red Bull? Out of ten I’m going to be giving this drink… Well, out of ten I’m gonna be giving this drink simply put an 8.5 out of 10. I think it’s a very nice drink It’s a, you know for sure you got that again, that good kiwi flavour that good little tangy as that comes with it which does a really good job contradicting the eh, You know the er sweetness from the sugar and the drink as well. I think it’s just pleasant. I think it’s priced alright I think it’s great Especially you know, for warmer weather I think it’ll be real fun to drink on a you know a summer evening or even a summer day to cool you down So I think it deserves the rating it got and I think it’s a pretty good product nonetheless Ladies and gentlemen that’s all I got for you. This is Energy Crisis, the energy drink report. I’m your host, TheReportOfTheWeek, and eh, This is our cat and eh, most loyal viewer right here Take care


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