Draw My Life – Michelle Phan

Draw My Life – Michelle Phan


    You were poor and went to college. I must be broke as hell I couldn't go to college because we can't afford it and it's in Fresno CA.

    Poignant. Touching. Moving. A story that is still being written. They say life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. May you find joy along the journey, and peace in your heart, Michelle. Blessings to you and your precious family…

    2019 but i cannot recall how many time i rewatched this one video. Because whenever i feel down i come back to this, think that my life is tough but seeing this inspires me to do more. Even she is not making more videos but this one will always keep living inside of me. Thanks you for all your kindness, Mish. I love you.

    wow, your story made me cry and touched my heart. And the way you used the whiteboard animation that just lovely…keep up the good work I hope you must be earning really very good as a motion graphic designer in new york…..:)

    Awww how sad of you name but its ok

    And did i tell you your a good drawer??

    Well yes you are

    I finally have a channel so I can finally say this: Your stories are beautiful and your drawings are beautiful

    Weird fact:
    When i was little, this video made me sleepy because the way she drew everything was satisfying….ik weird but okay..

    My dad is a alcoholic my mom and dad gets in fights all day i just want to tell you that theres a beginning and end to your life and some people go threw the bad part in the beginning thats me right now but i know im gonna get threw it no matter what

    damnnn this video is so olddd like I came back and it's 6 years old??? last time I checked it was 1 or 2 years old we miss you michelle

    Wait wait wait Michelle was born in ten mounthes bc she said her mom was in the car 6m pregnet and then she said 4m later (no hate) ily

    My friend says a lot of Asians like to gamble. She especially likes to gamble with her family, but I on the other hand don’t like to gamble.

    This was the most beautiful illustration ❤❤you made me cry girl I have a similar story & its so beautiful to see you flourishing. I love your channel!! New Subbie!

    I remember this being the first video I’ve seen by Michelle… I cried the first time watching it. It was really emotional, motivating and I wish everyone the best of luck in their path in life. <3

    this is truly the best draw my life
    this platform and all of us are spoiled..
    thank you for sharing your story 🙂

    Years later, I still remember at the part about her stepdad thinking that there was a lot more. Just his picture ughh

    Why do people think their mothers are the best thing ever when they got with a douche bag guy who did horrible things to them. And took a long time to leave them? Genuine question?

    Wow can’t believe it’s 2019 and I’m still watching this🐰, I wish she would come back to YouTube…… but it’s her life her decision

    Michelle!!! I am a fan of yours since 2014, and until now I'm still searching for you and this is one of my favorite videos of yours. I love you so much!!! Btw your so good at drawing. Don't worry Michelle We love you!!

    hi! i've been follow your channel way few years back.. and still following now! love from Malaysia

    This is so sad I feel so bad that you used to have a not so good life a long time ago but I’m glad it’s good now

    You are still the best youtuber! A talented artist and you deliver the stories well and makes me fell asleep hearing your lovely soft voice!

    I understand your life, been there… You deserve your life on where you are now..

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