What an incredible blessing you are to humanity, Dr Joe. I am humbled and grateful to be attending the Advanced workshop in Dubai in January 2020. All love to you.

    This information made me cry, not a sad cry….an awarness of how amazing we are when one lives a heart centered life. Soo beautiful. I love Dr. Joe Dispenza😘



    Can any of the first three energy centres shut down completely? For what reason would they do so, And how would it effect the body? Thanks

    Thank you for putting forth this info Dr. Joe Dispenza! I have been in survival mode for most of my 41 years in this body. I have attracted very difficult circumstances into my life and am now waking up to reclaim my natural birthrights, including my offspring. Surrendering to the unknown has been challenging. I am learning to break the old patterns and to program my brain/body to enter Heaven's gates here on earth! Blessing these energy centers is something I want to learn more about! Namaste!

    So much gratitude for this man and this amazing circle of love and light he’s created for all to share 🙏❤️🐠

    Joe was born on March 22, 1962. His birthday 22, is a master number in numerology! We are so lucky to have him on the planet. https://www.buildingbeautifulsouls.com/symbols-meanings/numerology-meanings/numerology-master-number-22-life-path-number/

    I love this. Quite well explained. I've been very focused on Energy Centers for two decades and this offers both some insights I wasn't focused on, and some pleasant confirmations.

    Also, I believe your description of Gamma releases helps me put a description to a range of experiences that I go through regularly. I'm excited to be learning about this research, I've only found you recently Mr. Joe.

    I particularly appreciate the image of the vibrations getting higher from red to violet up the spine. This helps create a direct analogy with musical sound waves. In such a system, 12 notes are the most stable configuration of energy, with 7 notes used at a time called a KEY.

    I work with the premise that the 7 energy centers people are accustoed to are ONE key of energy, yet it is very important to address the other five, like adding the black notes on the piano. Yes, there are tons of chakra systems, yet this one that uses the 12 notes is easily the most powerful – for the same reason that most music in the world uses 12 notes.

    Here is an overview of the system I use.
    12 Energy Centers ~ Introduction & Overview

    These are 12 three min meditations to help tend each.

    I hope you'll stop by and tune in to the work I've been doing.

    Much Love Be With You and Your Family

    Laying down on the earth, relaxing, to feel the connection vibrating is amazing. Thank you for all you’re teaching in the world. 🙏🧘‍♀️✌️💕 blessings and gratitude releases tension!

    I totally agree with you Sir the way you separate the Energy Centers from the Chakras. I just discovered this from my deep meditation too. This is my current practice now. AKA Dantian Energy Centers. It is powered by love and emotion. The merging of the brain and the heart.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you are helping me change my life. I watch every video, more then once. You fulfill me and give me hope. However I have to say, with this particular video, I wish it was edited to just be on you. I find the woman in the front right moving throughout the whole lecture, moving papers, her moving herself, taping her bare feet SO DISTRACTING. I'm trying to stay focused on you and find it so hard. I'm new to this and maybe that's part of training my mind to focus on you and not her, but for me, she disrupted the whole lecture. 🙁

    I just Love listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza His words somehow totally speak to me where I can understand although the "me" part in the equation is learning very slowly…. and I am learning at my own pace how to live the way I understand to be the right way but the patterns I have created sabotage me into thinking I can't change or it tricks me to think that I can do the changing quickly but really it is taking the time that it needs…. Does that make sense?? LOL For me understanding is easier than explaining… I have only listened to half of this video and was already inspired to write… THANK YOU Dr. Joe Dispenza If you come to my neck of the woods I would love for you to check my BRAIN Activity! I love all you teach. I do use the word CHAKRA it keeps it simple for me. I may change that in the future but for now it is what I now but you are absolutely right on how it limits the whole ENERGY CENTER thing and its true when you say Chakra to someone who thinks its all Spiritual stuff they check out but in a selfish way those aren't people I want to share my energy with necessarily! LOL Thanks for all you do I trust that I will meet you some day! Ornella… From Canada! OXOXO

    Just found Joe. Had to listen to this several times. Hallelujah! He’s causing a very positive shift. 🌸

    Why doesn't this man dress to better match his individuality? He certainly can afford it, and probably a butler, if needed. At least it is white this time. Just wondering.

    Dr. Joe, I understand that there's a balance in the universe… So, if one can use this for the GOOD, then can it be used for EVIL? I'm not interested in using it for the evil I was just curious.

    I’ve been practicing Law of Attraction since 2009 (going on 11 years).  I want to tell you all that it ABSOLUTELY works.  I have a list of over 300 things, big and small, that I’ve manifested from $50k to healing cavities and growing an inch past 30.  It is SO important to hone our focus. As a powerful conscious creator, fear and negative emotion are indicative of only one thing – you are focused on something that you do not wish to happen.  When we are in  a state of fear or negative emotion (every type of negative emotion stems from some form of fear), it means that we are imagining events and situations happening (or not happening) and seeing it so vividly that we are able to feel the negative emotions that are produced by those imagined events as if they have already happened. 


    If you are familiar with the Laws of the Universe (Law of Attraction), you will realize that this is EXACTLY how things are manifested.  You focus on what you want (or in this case what you don’t want) and feel the corresponding emotion and BOOM, sooner or later a manifestation in the physical world happens.  When we are able to let go of our fears, we begin programming our minds to think and imagine only the things that we wish to create. 

    Here are 5 steps to help you release your fears so that you can focus back on what you like to attract:

    1.       Be aware – know how you are feeling at all times so you know when you are thinking negative thoughts

    2.       Ask yourself whether or not your negative thought is helpful – 100% of fear thoughts are not helpful at all.  Fear of crossing the street and getting hit by a car is not going to help you at all.  What will help is being careful when you cross the street and that takes focus in the moment which is NOT possible when you are focused on your fear and you may become a “deer in headlights”. 

    3.       Make an Intention to let the thought go –  After identifying that the fear or negative emotion does not serve you, it is much easier to let it go.  You would not continue to eat something that makes you sick or carry around a bag of useless bricks once you’ve identified that they are useless.  – making an intention to let the thought go will allow you to let the thought go much easier.  You are basically giving yourself the permission to let it go.

    4.       Clear yourself –  The next step is to clear yourself.  Take a few minutes to breathe, focus on silence or the sounds around you without judgement, focus on feeling parts of your body without judgement, look at something intensely without judgement.  This will shift your focus and allow you to move away from your negative though.  Do this until you feel a sense of relief or peace.

    5.       Think of what you DO want – after you clear your mental and emotional space, it is then much easier to fill that space with thoughts of what you do want.  You can now insert thoughts that make you feel good.  If you have fears that you will not get the job you want, this is the time for you to imagine GETTING the job of your dreams and feeling what that would feel like.  You can also go back to past memories of things that made you feel Love, Joy, Fulfillment Etc

    Much Love and Blessings to you all on this magical Journey!


    So if you take out all the mumbo jumbo basically he's saying pay attention to how your body is relating & realize that it may be relating past events or learned responses to current events. So you may over respond to or under respond. So if you spend time understanding your (what I'll call soul) you become wiser.

    As for this energy if it comes from outside in I'd stop it. Being that we are kind of aware that there are beings of energy out there.

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