Do you want to see the inside of a power station in 360°?

Look around … You’re now on your way to see
one of the green power stations of tomorrow. In a drone. You see, for us living in Denmark, the
future’s not as far away as you might think. Avedøre Power Station just outside
of Copenhagen is one of our power stations – – capable of supplying
both power and heat to the Danes. Over the past 10 years, we’ve reduced coal
consumption at our power stations by 73%. That’s one of the reasons why we’re responsible
for half of Denmark’s reduction in CO2 emissions. But we don’t stop here. We’ve cracked the code of how to make our
power stations 100% coal-free by 2023. So, what do we use instead of coal?
Because we still need power and heating. We can’t make do with wind
and solar power – – as the wind isn’t always blowing,
and the sun isn’t always shining. Look down. The cargo hold is full of wood pellets
which is a great replacement for coal. Wood pellets are a green fuel, primarily made
from wood waste from forestry and sawmills. Wood waste is either sawdust or parts of the tree
that can’t be used for furniture and the like. In the past, wood waste would typically
be left in the woods to decompose. Now, we use the wood
to produce green electricity and heat. The wood pellets
come from sustainable forestry. This means that when trees are felled,
new ones are planted. This way, we ensure that there are always
new trees to absorb the CO2 we emit – – when we burn the wood pellets. You’re now at the other end of the power plant.
Here, the straw is arriving by truck. We also use straw at the power station
to produce green electricity and heat. Straw was once just a residual product
that farmers burned in the field. Now, it’s being gathered in bales
and taken to the power station. Each truck carries
approximately 14 tonnes of straw. If you turn around, you can see the bales
of straw being transported in for burning. In front of you, you can see the bottom
of the large combustion chamber. The fire in the chamber is approximately 600°,
so it’s important to wear protective clothing. And even when wearing the suit, you can
only look at the flames through a tiny slot. The straw and wood pellets are ground
just like coffee beans – – before they’re blown into the fire ball
in the heart of the power station. With our liquid-cooled camera,
you can get inside the chamber. Look … What you’re seeing
is only a small part of the fire ball. The fire ball is 42 metres high, and the centre
of the fire ball is approximately 1200°. Take a look up! We’re approaching the end of our journey. And it seems only fitting that you get
to leave Avedøre Power Station – – the same way as the smoke
from the wood pellets and straw. The stacks of Avedøre Power Station
are 150 metres tall. This corresponds to more than 1.,5 times
the height of Big Ben in London. Before the smoke reaches the outside,
it must pass through several different filters. This means that when the smoke leaves
the stack, it’s almost pure vapour. Right now, you’re standing at the top
of the green power station of tomorrow. If you turn around, you can see that the walls
inside the stacks are nothing but white. The smoke we emit is 600 times cleaner
than the smoke from a standard fireplace. The sun is setting in the horizon and on land,
Copenhagen is about to turn on its lights. Before I leave you to enjoy the view – – I want to thank you on behalf of Denmark’s
largest producer of green energy – – for taking your time
to see the future from our perspective. Thank you and goodbye.

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