DIY Halloween Props – Mason Jar Hanging Lights (Solar Powered!)

hey I’m Jamie and I’m Jay and today
we’re gonna make a spooky Halloween light every year for Halloween we do a
really big hot setup in our yard it’s kind of a New Orleans graveyard
theme we’ve got tombstone skeletons ghosts and this year we’re gonna make
some really cool swamp lights to hang from the trees in our yard so we made a
bunch of these Swamp lights last year and they were such a big hit that we
wanted to make a few more and show you how it’s done
so I’m not really sure exactly what kind of fabric this is but if you google
spooky Halloween fabric you’re sure to find it I want the fabric to look like
Spanish moss so I’m gonna dye it with a little bit of green and brown fabric dye
I screwed up here and use a little bit too much Brown so I had to read I it
don’t don’t be like me this has to sit for about 30 minutes so while we’re
waiting we’re gonna go ahead and prep for messenger I want the jar to look old
so I’m going to apply a thin layer of peat to it this will also help to
diffuse the light I’m using acrylic paint and I want to make it look dirty
so I’m going to use dirt the dirt didn’t actually do a whole lot but it gave it a
little bit of texture I crumpled up a paper towel and got it wet and use that
to sponge a really really thin layer of paint on
to make it look even dirtier I made a wash with some brown paint and then use
the toothbrush to flick on some blue spots to make the wash you mix a little
bit of paint with a lot of water and this helps it to be transparent I used
some green for the final touch alright that looks good let’s let this dry and
then we’ll put it all together rinse out your fabric really well I have no idea
why I’m only wearing one glove make sure your fabric is completely dry before the
next step the width of the fabric seemed fine as is so I just cut off some excess
at the bottom I’m using a hot glue gun here to loosely glue it around the edges
it doesn’t need to be perfect you want to keep it gathered in organic-looking
this is just some twine you can get at any craft or hardware store I glued one
end on and then wrapped it around really tight this helps to hide the edge where
the fabric is glued on it’s okay to go a little overboard on the glue you want
these to last so I’m going to trim this fabric a little more at the end to make
it look organic kind of like Spanish moss but for now we’re going to go ahead
and put the rest of it together so the way that these things actually light up
is from these solar-powered pathway lights that you can get at the big-box
store these actually cost about 3 bucks apiece when you buy a bunch of them we
got a couple different ones because we weren’t sure exactly which type we
wanted to use they all basically do the same thing but there were some slight
differences mainly in the LED on the bottom here we wanted to modify this and
that one wasn’t going to work so we took this one and went forward this is
definitely like extra credit here you really don’t need to do this but what I
wanted to try here was to take apart one of these little flickering candles with
a very orange light that are meant to sort of replicate candle light and I
took it apart and basically cut off the orange flickering LED and I was gonna
try to install this in the solar light and see if that worked so we took off
the bottom of the solar light that was pretty easy just three screws in the
bottom popped right off I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was inside is
just a real basic little circuit board if it was something real complicated I
wasn’t gonna do this but this seems like it’s gonna go it was just kind of
pressure fit in there so I pulled it off and all I had to do is heat the solder
on the back and the LED came right off I then took the other one and checked
the positive and negative on the battery slid it into the same spacer and then
use the same solder just heat it up and slid it right in and yeah all right that
worked it’s a really small modification but it’s gonna give us a more natural
orange kind of candle light look to it and it’s gonna be better than that just
bright white LED to attach the light I used some hot glue
on the room of the jar then I use even more glue to make sure it wasn’t going
anywhere to hide the scene where the lights attached to the rim and make sure
no light escapes we use more twine I want to give the lid a weathered look so
I start off by dry brushing on some greens and browns and bronze colors onto
it I really like dry brushes because it’s easy to do it’s super forgiving and
it always gives you a really cool effect I used a black wash to highlight the
seam around the edge this helps to give it a little more character and not look
so flat when you’re making a Halloween rock one of the keys to making it look
authentic is to make sure that it looks like it’s been out in the world for a
while have fun with it don’t be afraid to mess it up experiment and make it
dirty these are gonna name from a tree in our
front yard I’m not really sure how high or low we want them to be yet so what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do a couple pieces of string and tie a loop
at the top that way we can use another piece of string to hang them if you’re
gonna hang these outside they’re gonna sway in the wind quite a bit make sure
my attachment is secure I use some hot glue and then tie the knot
the same thing gets repeated on the other side again making sure it’s really
secure and double knotted from there take your two strings loop them at the
top and tie a knot we have about ten of these hanging in
our trees I love them because they’re affordable to make and they create a
really cool spooky atmosphere and in case you are wondering yes we leave ours
up year round hey guys thanks for watching we hope you
were inspired by this video and that you enjoyed it hit that like button leave as
a comment and subscribe to the wicked makers Channel we love Halloween here
and be with ton more crop and costing videos coming up thanks again for
watching and especially this time of year stay wicked today we’re gonna make
a spooky Halloween light spooky I should probably not do should I do that

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