Delta Electricity – Energy Productivity in Action

So the bio-mass co-firing programme involved principally taking wood fibre and adding it to the coal stream as we burn it, in small percentages up to 5% so that we can safely combust it in the burners with the coal. In terms of greenhouse gas savings, roughly for every tonne of wood we burn we generate a saving of just over one tonne of carbon dioxide avoided, from not burning coal. There’s been numerous benefits to partnerships and collaborations, not just with developing a supply chain and avoiding landfill for the wood waste, but also in terms of developing new technology and in seeking to increase the bio-mass co-firing rate, we need new technology and that’s where we’ve been partnered with The Crucible Group, who have some break-through technology that should assist us to break through those barriers. Our view in the Crucible is that everything we do has to be linked to a sustainable future, and that means our economy’s going to have to function something like nature, in other words, all the inputs to any process are the outputs of another process. So we’ve dedicated ourselves to create technology that takes waste from another sector, puts that into something valuable, so it can move on and keep adding societal and economic value. Our main innovation is the continuous biomass converter, and what it does is take low value biomass and organic materials like waste woods or other organics and converts them into very useful energy and material products, a char product, a gas product, and a water based product. And we’ve done that in a completely new way fundamentally, it’s a unique thermo-chemical profile not copying anything in the world, and that’s given us the basis of high efficiency and stream-lined production. I come from a fairly traditional corporate background with BHP, when you get to my stage of life, the most important thing really is to have a sense of purpose, and for me that we can use of the skills gathered over a lifetime’s career, to create a better future for mankind is a tremendous sense of motivation, so that’s drives everything we do.

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