Coal v. renewable energy: President Trump’s energy plan, explained | Just The FAQs

Coal v. renewable energy: President Trump’s energy plan, explained | Just The FAQs

– When President Trump took office he vowed to boost the
fossil fuel industry. – “American Energy dominance.” – The main idea: Make
America energy independent and protect jobs. Since 2017, the Trump administration has repealed Obama’s Clean Power Plan, withdrawn from the
Paris Climate Agreement, opened vast tracts of land
for oil and gas exploitation, and rolled back omission standards at coal-fired power plants. Protesters have taken to the streets and scientists as well
as climate activists have issued dire warnings
about global warming. Today, the three main fossil fuels — natural gas, petroleum, and coal — account for the largest
share of energy consumption in the U.S., not to mention, the largest
share of energy production. In fact, in 2018, America broke records and became the biggest
producer of oil and natural gas in the world, surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia. Thanks in large part to new
fracking and drilling technology but there are signs of change. As the economics of renewable energy, which comes from sources
that naturally replenish become more favorable. Investors are making
money on clean energy, and many banks are rolling
back support for fossil fuels. In April 2019, for the first time ever, clean energy supplied more
of America’s electricity than coal. Clean energy revenue, investment and usage are all on the rise, despite the policies of the
current Oval Office occupant.


    Trump is Not an idiot, you leftist though oh hoho that’s definitely the straw that cuts off the camels back. Why? He’s doing not only the way you want he went and is going way beyond what they talk about in this video, the thing is the liberal media? Lol well let’s just say you’re being played as fools. The world is flourishing under this leader, not at all like what the liberal media tells you pawns to the wrong side of Everything. Look in the mirror lefty You’re Wrong and you need to know it. Unfortunately nobody tells them hu? Lol we definitely need more conservatives on tv and colleges while putting a ton of conservatives publishers to educate people like they do. Then maybe they’d finally get around to critical thought.

    I would like to see references for those statements. Facts and verified statistics. Otherwise it looks like a pale of vs from a seemingly credible news source.

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