So much for freedom . I wish California would just leave the USA , they’re an embarrassment and a disgrace to freedom and liberty . They care more about illegals and ignore the huge std numbers and the huge homeless problem they have

    Most fire departments don't want them on your home or house because of a fire they can't do their job. Pipe dream solar-powered is a waste. #MAGA.

    If you can afford to build or buy a new house in California, then you afford an extra $10,000. Over the long term, they'll get their money back. Lower electric bill, tax refund, and slightly higher home resell.

    Look out California homeless your next. You had better get a solar panel on that tent of yours to charge your cell phone and for your radio. Everybody needs a charged phone. The batteries in radios are bad for the environment.

    California want to have progress? respect the laws from United States of North America bunch of illegals.

    It will raise mortgage payments by $40 a month. The solar panels will save the owner $80 a month on electricity.

    I’m a Republican and I get tired of these jack#ss not telling the truth on Fox News! Republicans aren’t the anti regulation party (but FOXNews is trying to make it so)! Regulations should help people and this one does it in many ways.

    Totalitarianism is alive and well in California. What they don't tell you: DC wall inverters last only 3-5 years, panels lose efficiency at a rate of 2%/year. Most companies will only warrant the inverter for 10 years at a cost of $2-3K plus labor to R&R. Panels are usually warranted for 20 yrs. If you lease a system, (0% down financing), you pay a higher rate (than owning the system), to the solar company, and you are locked into paying a fixed amount monthly for 20 years, regardless if you use power or not. If you decide to sell the home say in 10 years, you now have an obsolete system that the new buyer must either sign a transfer contract, buy the system outright from the solar company (not you), or have the system removed (which costs thousands). Leases do not qualify for tax rebates, the solar company gets it. You still have to deal with roof penetrations and you as the seller, still have an active contract with the solar company! If you are going solar, do not get it unless you can buy it outright. It is a luxury that only makes sense if you have the cash, can afford a system large enough to take care of at least 95% of your power needs (the state will not approve systems that produce over 100% of your current average usage), and your power company offers net metering.

    Look for California's PUC to approve massive rate hikes/taxes to subsidize their power companies. This "offset" will be paid by those who don't have solar. This is why "climate change" is about $$.

    Wait, we pay the government to subsidized the auto business in the Southern States who can't balance their own state budgets….and the saving in solar power is a fvcken problem? WTF

    It is my home & my house. It should be my choice to decide if I want my new house installing solar panels or not; it is none of the government's business. California is turning into a Communist dictatorship and making the life of the middle class worse every day.

    The awesome bonus money Filthy Don told us about..
    No problem, right? Everyone should enjoy clean energy now!

    VarneyCo is an idiot solar is good, thank God California set an example… they keep buying tanks and there's no enemy, give us some money to build the actual country we're always protecting.
    We don't need a Wall, we need to fix our roads. 1960 highway system with no trains

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