Beautiful DIY Tiny House Build with Massive Custom Patio Door – Full Tour

Beautiful DIY Tiny House Build with Massive Custom Patio Door – Full Tour

So we were just driving by and on the side of the road we saw this really cool looking do-it-yourself tiny house build So we decided to pull over and check it out. A young couple first started building this tiny house so they bought the trailer and built a frame. The couple didn’t finish the project so a man named Jean and his wife bought the empty shell They finished building it with their sons and they finished it as an off-grid cottage. What we thought was really cool
about this tiny house is that the builders obviously didn’t have
experience building any tiny houses but they still managed to do something
really nice and interesting here. And they’ve Included some unique features that we haven’t seen in other tiny houses. When you first come in, there’s a room
here that isn’t quite finished Not quite furnished yet. It’s meant to be a living room dining area I think our favorite feature of this tiny house is of course the huge garage door You can open it up. It opens up really easily and you can get a lot of fresh air,
a lot of light coming in and you can really connect the inside
of the house with the outside If it was ours, we would probably add a big deck coming off of it and probably a screen that comes down just to keep the bugs out I just find that there’s a lot of different ways
you could take advantage of this garage door and just use your imagination
to make it work with the space Like I said, this house is built to be completely off grid so for heat they have a propane Newport Dickinson heater Here’s the small Kitchen area There is a small, bar-size fridge Propane cooktop over here and the sink is hooked up to a stainless steel freshwater tank, and there’s also a stainless steel gray water tank Over here there’s three Big Storage areas This one could be a pantry and over here is the propane instant hot water heater The water tank and the electrical system There’s a small bathroom on this side
with pretty much everything you need There’s a Sunmar composting toilet and on the other side there’s a stand-up shower stall Another nice feature of this tiny house is the staircase Ladders are nice but they’re not for everyone
So this is a really nice staircase and there’s something to hold on to
when you’re going up And it also has some storage
underneath here and on the sides And this is a sleeping loft apparently you can fit a king-sized bed up here It does look very wide and what’s nice is that the ceiling is almost completely flat so you have quite a bit of space to move around in here For insulation they used spray foam in the floors and fiberglass in the walls Like I said, this house is built to be off-grid It has propane for the heat, the cooktop, and the hot water. It has a composting toilet and a gray water system and the only thing missing are the solar panels that could be hooked up to the electrical system Jean told me that his house is actually for sale
right now because they bought something else so if anyone is interested you can check the link in the description of the video For more Tiny House Tours check out our Playlists Also Subscribe to our Channel and make sure to check in every week We post a new video every Sunday


    47k …. what's in ppls mind this days … trying to save by living but take advantage of the one that are not so crafty …. and poor. BS.

    So cool! We have been saving and researching to build our own off grid tiny house. This one is certainly an inspiration. You guys rule! (as always)

    brilliant…the only thing i would change is the up an over door and put in a up door with fabric sides to create a covered patio deck which folds down out of the same opening……..

    Beautiful tiny house and your editing was awesome! You did something different in this video, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Good music too. Nice job 👍🏽😃

    Why do people insist in placing their Dickerson heaters so high.  I always thought heat rises.  I would like to have my feet warm.  Other than that this is a well thought out plan.

    This was a really nice one… many tiny houses look cluttered and have small hallways, this felt empty and quite spacious… also I liked the storage/bath area under the bed.

    My flat is smaller lol
    Anyway they did such a good job ! I wish I had enough physical energy to do this kind of thing.

    It would be nice to hear some words from the people who build the thouses and also to know the country/state that is coming from. Thank you

    The T H movement is not for me. Because of its size. I still believe strongly that's there cheap 2000 square ft living somewhere….Lloll. But I believe inaffordable living less. So I loosely support the TH movement. Because I'm more against costly living.

    I do like it, but I think nice large double doors that swing outward would be much better. They would save all of the space that garage door takes up inside with the tracks, and the door itself when open.

    I like the ideas, a very simple layout. The garage door is a neat feature and would definitely be nice if you could have some sort of sun-room screened in option with a deck. To get that much breeze into your house would be amazing especially for such a small space.

    This is so unique and the door is so cool. I would put this on a piece of property and put a screened porch and open the door to my porch.

    if they stripped the inside then yes, swap that garage door for some french doors opening out in full glass, for a better insulated solution that don't remove your choice of having hanging lamps 100% and is great looking while both open and closed

    The garage door was a really great idea. Must be really nice to be able to open up so much when the weather allows it 🙂

    Very nice, like that garage door concept, but lacks closet space..where would one hang their clothes and store other things, likr brooms mops etc.?

    Great video-and the stabilizer is winderful! Love the garage door- though it would get pretty darn cold in there without some kind of seal and insulation for winter. It would be helpful to see an actual person in the bedroom space (a person who has also been shown in the other spaces) and a longer shot of the storage areas. Thanks for making these! Some wonderful ideas.

    If there is room next to their river view house, they could put this tiny house and rent it out 🌞

    A double French door yes sliding glass door even Maybe but a garage door definitely is going to leak cold air during the winter and probably let bugs in seeings they don't close tightly.

    It's so funny. I find the bare wood interiors so depressing. My feeling is that the people can't afford paint. I know that's not correct, but personal taste is always amusing to me. Some people run to a thing, others run away. 🙂

    Not really a fan of this. It's like having a garage door in your living room. Although I can see the advantage for consistently warm regions.

    Nice tiny house, but what's the liability on installing a *deadly Carbon Monoxide* producing stove without the required exhaust hood?

    C0 detectors:  Many fail to sound.  Made to sound an alarm after such a longtime anyway, so they might not save your life even if working properly.

    You might want to read:

    "Consumer Reports warns of ineffective carbon monoxide detectorsThe magazine found three detectors that failed critical tests"

    Remember, it's called the silent killer.

    It has no taste, scent, or color.

    People think they are ill with the flu, so they go to be to sleep it off.  Perhaps never waking again.

    Stay safe and enjoy life!

    Love it… the only thing is I would take off some of the wood on the ceiling and replace it with white vinyl just to lighten the load.

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