Airbrush Effects : Airbrush Effects: Lightning & Electricity

Airbrush Effects : Airbrush Effects: Lightning & Electricity

Hopefully you have been following along. This
right here I haven’t really shown anybody how to do this yet, this is just for this
effect. It is called lightening or electricity, basically the same thing. You need a black
background. You can use a dark color like a dark blue or dark purples or whatever to
create a lightening sky or something like that but I am going to use black right now
to show you the effect. You take your white and it is just like in the practice I just
showed you, you just find a spot to start and just jiggle and make it fat and skinny
and just lightening, you can never do lightening wrong. It doesn’t matter, it is all in the
effect that you appear or make appear. The biggest misconception that most artists do
whenever they are painting electricity is they think that is all they need to do. Well
electricity is also a light so you have got to make it glow and there is going to be hot
spots and there is going to be cold spots just like in a light bulb. So wherever the
main part is coming from, that’s a little too much, it is hot and then everywhere where
it breaks off, you want to make it a little highlight or a hot spot there too and then
make the whole thing kind of glow, just lightly go over the top of it. I mean you can come
back and you can do whatever. Just keep adding to it and nobody can tell you well that’s
not what lightening looks like. Everybody thinks lightening is white but honestly electricity
is blue. So you take your electricity and just give it a light, just a little bit, not
the whole thing but just give it a little bit of a blue tint and you have electricity.
Thank you.


    Lightning doesn't really have a blue glow, only depending on its area. Since it superheats the oxygen around it and oxygen's base color is blue it gives off a blue glow. But your partially correct.

    You're the best I learnt alot from your clips
    what I like is stencil work for backgrounds
    I'm new at this greath passtime I have a Paasche VL to start and need to practice and watch you do amazing work THK..

    This guys has made me laugh so hard , when the big white blob spit, "OPPS THATS A LITTLE TO MUCH". He makes so many mistakes in his tutorial but its all funny. Like whn he say's nobody can tell you its not art and stuff like that , 5 stars he rocks.

    Mike is one of the few that really don't want to brag about what he can do, but what he really wants is to help others get better.
    his tutorials are around the best you can get on the net. My 2 cents…

    Aye all ya fukers dont hate! At least d nigga can PAINT! ya wish yo papa do dat…… props. I respect ur form of art Expressen yo self..

    Ed by far you the best I don't think anyone can or does simply this as much as you do I never had good artistic skills and i always wanted to airbrush I bough a nice kit and did all your lessons from lesson one and now I am doing much better airbrushing is something you can never stop learning you discover a new thing everyday as long as you take the time to practice I just want to tank you and I think you should do you own channel and make some money instead of making expertvillage rich

    Wow this guy cant get no more old school then this! Theres better vids on how and look more realistic then this guys…he'sgot keep up with the times

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