5 Things You Should Know About The (OCTOBER Ascension Energy) – 2019

5 Things You Should Know About The (OCTOBER Ascension Energy) – 2019


    Hey my friends! Here is the free mp3 I mentioned in the video: https://awakeninghelp.com/higher-self-reunion-meditation-2/ … Hope you're all doing amazing! Thank you so much for all the love, support, comments, likes, shares, and LOVE. Many blessings on your path.

    Sending SOul many Blessings to ALL as we continue to navigate these Miraculous times. Thank you Victor for your bright light.

    Heard the same song yesterday before seeing this video while going through my old Playlist. This video is exactly in synch with everything happening in my life.

    My sister is in in home hospice for the last two weeks. My family, dysfunctional for decades is coming together like never before.

    Great video. Canโ€™t begin to explain how much you nailed it for me…especially #5! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

    My birthday is October 14th! Just wanted to say thank you for your content – I receive everything youโ€™re saying and you provide so much powerful insight that helps me so much with my journey! Thanks for another great video!!

    Victor! Just today, literally no one than 5 or 6 hours ago I asked my ancestors for a sign to either jump or stay where I am and boom here you are! Thank you!

    I lost money opp so I just dont know, but ok i am trying. I felt or heard that word anyhow of all accomplish fast. Valley/Mountain time so true. Lol Hickup true thing too. Need to see, feel, not just believe. Know that you know strong forever stay too.I know of bad for goid, but I don't feel the beauty of the pain, etc. This us just what I needed this. I was just thinking last night that just fix my room do some of my art finally then continue other rooms. This is the month for finish up fixing for holiday.

    Victor i needed to hear this right now. Exactly at this moment. This resonates so much right now. And I will go for it!!

    7:30, I so believe you and feel your sorrow. I too had a dear friend that was sent away and I still am brought to tears at the memory of seeing him leave me. Please forgive me, Chum…I have always loved you. Please come home to me. ( Thank you for allowing me this moment)

    I feel you. Crying with you. It's been an emotional roller coaster in a really good way. I feel the ripple everywhere. How everyone is connected. Just baffling how everyone in my life always come back to communicate, right place AND time. It's really such a perfect time to reincarnate and ascend past all these human conditionings – to remember our beautiful divinity and connection with ascended masters, spirit guides, beloved who've passed on and the celestial army of angels. Thanks for the accurate and powerful message in this video. Can't wait to master the things I want to create and to master my life. Trust, everything is in divine timing. Thank you Victor, namaste! โค๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ”ฅ

    Yes the veil is thinning. I was talking to a friend saying my mum wasnโ€™t around much anymore (she passed 6 years ago) with that statement a plaque that was nailed to the wall flew off the wall! Noisily! Iโ€™d say yes she was telling me sheโ€™s around. Wouldnโ€™t you? We were super close…I miss her so much

    Love your vids. Youโ€™re so authentic and that flows through the camera. Iโ€™m sure youโ€™re helping so many young people to wake up spiritually in this crazy world. Thank you.

    Sorry for the lost of your dog, I know how it feels to lose a pet which is more like a child to me since i haven't been able to have kids. I was just curious, did you name your dog after the frontman of Tool by chance? If so that would be crazy for me because for some strange reason I've been getting alot of synchronicity to do with the band before they released there last album in 2019, but especially with Maynard James Keenan in particular. I've always liked them from the first time I listened to them, however I've never met them nor been to any of their concerts. Either way, thank you for the information, always really helpful.

    I think my anxiety and not understanding really what's going on is causing me to he frightened…I feel like I'm going crazy.. bc I dont know what they're trying to say.. I get kinda frightened bc I hear different voices actually outside my head and can hear my own voice too outside my head and I know some ppl are gonna think I'm schizophrenic but none of this started happening until I started trying to contact my dad who passed bc I believe in spirits and such and I've been going through a really low time in my life where I'm asking myself why I'm here and what my purpose is bc I feel burned out on life I guess with alot of things and started looking up things on spirituality started trying to meditate, want to open my third eye, astral project… literally just started really wanting to get into all this see stuff just all of the sudden out of the blue looking things up constantly with also trying to contact loved ones on the other side with paranormal investigating tools .then had a really bad night one night was feeling so low bc I'm not happy with myself or where I'm at in life and got down on my knees crying my eyes out and prayed to god to help me and I felt stuck and to please send me my guardian Angel's and guides then literally not long after that prayer on top of watching videos, "trying" to mediate (bc I have a 1000 mh racing mind that never stops as it is) but it almost became obsessive? Just trying to get info,info.. which is how I came up on your videos… but not long after I prayed I started hearing stuff and then it got louder and louder to the point I could hear my own voice, other voices in everything that made a humming or vibrating noise at first.. fans, vibration of my car wheels driving on the road, planes. The vibration coming from the tv being on from the volume, music that had a low rumbling tone…then got to the point I would hear it through the wind… it got so bad I almost went to the hospital but it was positive at first.. I was told I was talking to my grandma (who passed away when I was around 13..my uncle who committed suicide who was more like a brother bc he was a miracle baby so was only 2 years older then me , but mostly my grandma I talked to bc I always started to get anxiety when I tried talking to my uncle. and I was doing really good when it first started happening .. felt inspired i was ready for something like this but was having constant anxiety attacks.. and I've been diagnosed with high BP since I was 16.. what's strange is i hadn't had any anxiety attacks bad like that since i was in my teens and I'm 33 now. and went years feeling I got better about them.. then BOOM having them constantly almost everyday, but i was feeling so wonderful at first like this is awesome I'm "waking up" I'm on the right track.. then… that's when everything started getting loud to the point I couldn't focus at work when it started happening and it came to a high point and loud in the beginning to the point I quit my job bc I went to the hospital 3 times for anxiety attack and my BP.. which I literally was told by one voice my grandma i needed to go to the hospital that I was ok but i hadn't been on my BP meds for a few years bc was told my BP was good enough i could work on myself and tension that the doc didnt think i needed to be on them at the moment bc I lost weight . ..so I literally went to the hospital bc i was getting a panic voice saying i had to go and it frightened me and the voice said I was alright and it wouldnt take long.. and sure enough it didnt really take long the hospital just realized I needed back on my meds again…but the problem i started having was I started to become anxious, alittle frightened bc it was like I open a can of worms and literally that's what "my grandma" stated when trying to tell me.. but it got to the point I started hearing my own thoughts, outloud, other voices and kept hearing "IM HERE! IM RIGHT HERE WITH YOU!!!!!" HEATHER IM HERE!!!" I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH"…and it really has made me question my mental health and my family and boyfriend dont believe me when I tell them everything and how it started and something within me keeps telling me I'm not crazy, i hear it being said too and my family and BF thinks I need to see I psych doctor and my mom and sister thinks I'm schizophrenic, but i honestly dont believe that, I believe im going crazy and scared bc I literally dont know what I'm doing or how to focus on what's being said bc I hear other ppl make and female, one sounds exactly like my dad.. but it got so bad, loud, I literally couldnt sleep and started frightening me.. bc I couldn't turn it off at first or down.. i always have slept with a fan all my life.. i couldn't anymore ..It got really hard and really faught with my self with having a mental break down or spiritual awakening…its calmed down alot now to where if I'm busy or if I'm not thinking about Angel's, spirits, god, (most the time but not always) if I'm busy with everyday life it's just aringing light muffle or quiet..I'm sorry so long.. but if I start doing any paranormal things like taking photos, evp workothen that's all it takes and the volume button starts going up… but the thing is I hear everyone talk about how wonderful it is and to let go and trust.. but I dont know what I'm doing, I now hear so many "different ppl" anger, crying and screaming and it literally only takes me focusing my attention on a certain area and I hear in my left ear (which seems to be the ear that's not as loud and my right ear I hear louder) but the sweet positive voice on my left ear is the one I seem to want to focus on when I get scared or frustrated and start crying and I hear "im right here with you, you're ok you just dont understand what is happening, I'm right here with you I love you so much, you are ok "… but my problem is I literally draw my attention on an area and I hear someone talking and if I shift my attention or awareness the slightest bit not even meaning to bc I'm getting anxious then it's like I "hang up the phone" on that person who's was literally talking and then hear another voice and so on and so foreth..some sound frustrated with me saying I keep looking at them but never do anything and just tell me to hang up, i hear actual anger like yelling at me, crying, screaming they are here…I hear I'm never listening and I keep messing them up and i need to focus within on my heart rate? Bc I'm messing up my heartrate and communication?.. I hear one voice say they are here and I believe is a Male but keeps telling me " I'm just a messenger I just want to tell you something"…I'm sorry this is so long i just want to give the whole picture…I dontknow what im doing.. if I am having something spiritual happening bc ever since its started I've felt and am lookingat things differently.. I cant watch

    I cant watch certain things, like horror movies right now, anything with sexuality in It for some reason, i just want to mostly watch something more positive, not negative, same with music, I love all diff types of music but I've always alternative, hard rock, but I dont want to listen to anything to angry, or negative, and same with music with a lot of sexual vulgar lyrics . I dont understand why… I keep hearing the song that I never use to ever rarely hear on the radio or atleast didnt really notice but I hear the song "listen to your heart" all the time.. to the point there was a few days in a row where when anytime I got in the car to go where I needed to go I would hear it every time I got in the car, and one day it was like I kept hearing nothing but tons of songs that of the heart in them… I see owls in my photos hear owls look it up bc I swear something I never noticed before
    . First it started with I was seeing owls show up in my photos I was taking outside trying to see if I could capture anything interesting or paranormal, to actually seeing owls like manipulating the photo where I see a picture of an owl… not to mention I never heard owls at night where I live so close to the wood line, pretty much not at all, I'm a night person who stays up late and im outside walking the dogs or sitting outside smoking and never remember hearing and owl since I've lived here.. yeah we live on a wood line but I live in a trailer park and it's in town.. but I've never really noticed or heard owls before even when I was a kid and my parents lived out more with wooded forest that was a huge quarry company surrounding our neighborhood and farm on the other side.. so kinda alittle from town.. and I never remember hearing owls hoot even as a kid or just never paid attention .. and there is an owl I hear at dusk almost everyday now when never remember hearing it before now calling almost everyday…well I'm kinda not very good yet about seeing signs but now Its like i pay attention more now to things I didnt before and I see owls everywhere..and I know ppl like owls I get that but everything together I thought maybe it's a sign so look up spiritual meaning of owl…and first thing it says is something about paying close attention to intuition, seeing at night clear hearing and seeing and then I read the whole thing explaining the owl and my jaw dropping bc it says owls have one ear that hears louder then the other… and it just simply shocked me bc literally my right ear is louder then my left ear… but I really need some advice and some help to be honest from some ppl who are experienced with spiritual awakening and everything on what maybe I can do to help myself.. bc Its kinda scary bc I've never experienced anything like this before.. but I notice I see things differently now, I am focused on things I want to be better on like all the sudden being more patient, I always want to look at the stars and I feel a sense of wantin to better myself like I've been around too much negativity and I want to be more positive and I'm not even wanting to cuss anymore when I cussed like a sailor. I'm looking at situations differently, at myself constantly.. but I also have this uncomfortable feeling down in my lower stomach constantly that makes me feel uneasy constantly and i keep hearing "I'm uncomfortable in my own skin and I need to listen" but when I try It gets me more anxious bc I try scared bc it's not all positive. And I get anxiety and want to stop and ignore it.. I just need some advice who knows more and who might have had a similar experience on like I'm going through or if maybe I should listen to my family and go see a doctor bc what I'm going through doesnt fit? I guess.. I'm sorry I wrote I novel I just want ppl to get kind of a clear idea what I'm going through and not me just simply stating I'm hearing voices.. bc there's so much more to it… I was told" I was gonna make a wonderful Alchemist".. I never even heard of the word or knew what it was but I could feel the smile from the voice who saidit like they knew I was looking for something to make me feel it wasnt all in my head..like confirmation bc they knew I didnt know anything about what the word meant never heard of it…and I looked it up and it was just cool.. so please if anyone can give me some advice? Maybe first steps to take? Or if I am possibly needin to seek a doctor..i just feel so many different emotions all the time.. I want to cry all the time bc I'm fine then am overwhelmed with emotion, and I feel so uncomfortable and tense and get picture thoughts I would never think about and it's like when I think wth? Why would that seriously pop in my head out of no where or be thinking of that? Bc of it being something that makes no sense to me and then it's like pressing my mind to where the more I try to throw it out of my head and say uh no that isnt something I really care to think about bc iisnt true. The worst it gets and the more uncomfortable I feel that tense uncomfortable feeling in my lower stomach and legs and base of my back… and I feel so drained at times like I'll feel fine and then wiped out andexhausted to where I just want to sleep and sleep…again I'm so sorry to everyone I'm just desperate for some advice that's not family who automatically thinks my cheese slid off my crackers and am mentally imbalanced or having a break down or schyzophrenic and I need help… even tho I get to the point I feel like I'm going crazy… please if anyone kind of understands what I'm going through and can give some advice what helped them or if this isnt spiritual or communication and maybe it does need addressed with a doc please let me know.. I think I get scared and my mind starts racing and my thoughts take over and that's why i constantly hear "I'm messing up my communication I'm just frustrated"..? Please any advice I would be thankful for

    Hi Victor I canโ€™t get into it Iโ€™m ill (the last thing I need )Bronchitis my chest is so bad so I only have one thing to do is to actually let go as thereโ€™s nothing I can do xxx

    I am in Mexico right now, and I am sitting on my patio. I have been missing my dog, and for the first time, I just heard a dog barking since I have been away. For a moment, I thought I was at home…it's 5:30 here….all is quiet. I realized as I was in my 'morning calmness', that it wasn't my dog Finn that I was hearing…and, I thought of him again. Then…you just brought up your story about your dog only seconds after this happened as I was listening to you. Finn has been with me during some of the most intense moments of my process. He is my angel, and I can hardly wait to pick him up from his doggie retreat when I get home. This was a perfect example of synchronicity. Thank you, Vic, for sharing your story. Xx

    hey victor..dublin ireland here..I'm following you…haha..long dark night of the soul or wha? you rock, having technology issues but I'm here, woken up 4 months now and its all completly true, on my own in my anarchy and truth but strong as fuck….keep it up…

    Dear Spiritual Uncle Victor.

    Thank you for all the information, you have helped me so much through this awakening. I appreciate you and your messages.
    I was wondering if help me once again.
    Every time I look at the time, if it is not 11:11, 222, 333, etc, it always ends in an 8, from 1.28 to 00.08. It went from weird, to interesting to cool, back to interesting.
    Do you have any knowledge about this?

    Much Love to you and yours.

    Holy f Victor your timing!!? Iโ€™m blown away. This is EXACTLY whatโ€™s going on. I even got โ€œpokedโ€ two times by unknown things yesterday ??? Thatโ€™s never ever happened before. Opportunity and business came out of left field this month. Itโ€™s like Iโ€™ve been waiting and waiting for this train and it finally arrived and Iโ€™ve hopped on. Your story about your dog made me cry. I think I could FEEL that you were right, he was with you.

    Iโ€™m BLOWN AWAY. Please support me if you can by following me on Instagram. Iโ€™m @skysurfers.club. I offer readings, Iโ€™m an artist, budding coach, and writer. My goal is to be an entrepreneur so I can work from home and be able to be with my son who has high functioning autism. I donโ€™t know how not to sound spammy haha but figured Iโ€™d GO FOR IT ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜›

    Music synchronicity is awesome. I was wondering the other day if my third eye was open…then later had a random old song stuck in my head that I couldn't remember who it was by. Jumper – Third eye blind ๐Ÿ˜„

    Yesss. I can relate…. looking forward to my Staycation retreat!! Getting downloads…
    My first retreat was nerve racking… also when, my co- facilitator did not show up!! It went amazing!!!


    You can further honor Maynard by saying you have shared your ?life/space in time? with him instead of owning him. A beating heart should never be owned <- free will. Would you ever say you "owed" your wife or your children? Cheers.

    A few days ago I heard Pearl Jam blaring from someone's car radio and thought -this is strange, this means something. (I was on my way to the gym too haha)

    Haha Pattyโ€™s empowering firewalk is like my homebirth for my first kid – zero medications and zero interventions – just go for it – no turning back – and at the end so happy and empowered you Just cry. ๐Ÿคช best thing I ever have or ever will do !

    This is Awesum I just went back to my life 3 years ago and I got a bit stuck in it and I got those old weird feelings and I'm watching this and this video helped me to let the old me go out the gate. Peace Love Namaste blessings to you and your family

    Going back and forth into these different time lines/DIMENSIONS is starting to warp my brain… lol ๐Ÿค•๐Ÿค•๐Ÿค•๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ much love and light to you and ALL CREATIONS GREAT AND SMALL SEEN AND un_seen in ALL universes in ALL DIMENSIONS KNOWN AND unknown

    For the first time in my life … I've surrendered … I've made a big decision and I'm letting my higher self show me … how … I don't know "how" … I just know that I want to go for it. Thank you for your updates, Victor.

    This is Even Flow, great version jazz style by cool people. thanks you, again. I'll write you @ site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4Fq33FzDRc

    What a wonderful soul you are! You make me feel whole when life likes to shatter me for being me.๐Ÿงกโค๐Ÿค—๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™€๏ธ

    Does anyone else feel HYPER sensitive to violence? My bf constantly watches violence on tv and movies even WWE I know itโ€™s fake and that never bothered me as much until I just did an intense meditation and now I feel like I donโ€™t wanna look at the TV. It makes me sad how addicted to violence our society is. I know Iโ€™m supposed to be neutral and not let things get to me but I donโ€™t want to expose myself to things that bring me down when I donโ€™t need to. Like why do people want to watch that stuff??? I used to watch it, it used to not bother me nearly as much. Itโ€™s kind of pathetic how sensitive I am now.

    i got 2 speeding charges in April when I was still deep in the matrix and my court date is on October 8. One of the hardest things to do was to listen to my spirit guides to let go of worrying about it and doing nothing. To not hire a lawyer, to not do anything. To just trust the universe. lots of anxiety happened over that. still got some small threads to cut about it still.

    I am so tired of being tired… Listening to spirit being patience with myself and those around me. Being a Sagittarius it is hard being me sometimes.

    With this great gift that your Aunt is giving your family….could she now GIFT THEM a miracle too?
    Call Mary 1-970-493-0372
    She has reversed strokes
    Including my Mom who years later took flying lessons at age 94…her dream…..

    Thank you, Victor!!! I'm so thankful for you! Every video totally resonates with me, every single time, love to you, CHEERS!!!!

    I personally feel I have WIDE OPEN as empathic as I am. I am being bombarded with a lot of information when I dream. I am feeling strange and woozy, possibly not grounded. I and others have noticed lights flickering around me. I am becoming even more sensitive. I need some guidance on how to realign myself including my aura. I have labradorite on me every day. Very transformative.

    Victor. Iโ€™ve written a poem on ebb and Flow just two days ago! Iโ€™ve not written in 30 yrs Iโ€™ll post it for you on your Facebook page ๐Ÿง™๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒŸโœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿฆ…๐ŸŽผ

    Hey Victor, I feel led to share with you a book…. To Love and Let Go by Rachel Brathen…. what a powerful and healing book. We all keep waiting for your book… I need to say that you should write a similar flow book…. Your testimony….. I sooooo hope you see this message! Namaste, Amy

    Hi Victor! So nice to meet you. Every night I listen to 2 guided meditations that you offered for free several months ago. I'm able to sleep quickly and soundly for probably the first time ever. Thank you โฃ๏ธ
    I've been trying to get your "Mood Shift" free ebook…. unsuccessfully…. possibly because it's a video from 2016. Can you help me get to this free ebook and the courses associated with it, please and thank you. I appreciate all that you do for free… finding your videos has changed my life. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

    Wow Victor, I love the way you express yourself with such excitement and truth!! Thank you for your videos. Blessing's to you and your family. My Angels and guides are totally much present as you said..

    I am so sorry that your family is going through this. I'm glad you're all being so positive about it all โ™ฅ๏ธ Blessings

    Wow wow, number three really got me!! The biggest theme ive noticed the past 3 months is my perspective shifting on past events. ive really been able to figure out the meaning behind some situations that had previously felt completely nonsensical and traumatic. Thank you for all that you do, love and light to you all

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