Thousand Nights Star Overview of the Solar Panel Solar panels on the roof of the car 300 WP Solar panels Isuzu Panther 91 Technical Data, WP 300 solar panel, 30 A MPPT Solar Charger, 2000 W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 100 A Electrolyte Battery, AC 4in1 Digital Multi Meter Audio Mode On Karya Anak Bangsa, by Archindo Multi Design Yogyakarta – Indonesia Solar energy Functions and Capabilities Solar Power Generation do not forget to subscribe to this channel Bolt cutters 1600 Watt Hand drilling machine 300 Watt MPPT Solar Charger Controller, 4in 1 Digital KWH Meter Hand drilling machine 300 Watt Gurinda engine 600 Watt turn on the electricity in the house replaces PLN Turn the MCB in KWH Meter PLN removing the fuse Turn the power supply at the home replacing PLN Bismillahirrohmanirrohim Electrical Mode On Electric current from solar energy Only 150-200 Watt electricity usage during the day In conclusion We know that Dimensions is an agreement on something that has no units, scale, size, space, time, and others. and has a broad relationship between an aspect with other aspects of life, then: at this point the car has only one dimension of functions, namely: transport function Dimensions But when the car mounted solar panel kits and supporters, then bertambahlah dimensional function, namely: Power Plant Vehicle was then called Multi Dimensional. Multi Dimensions Vehicle (MDV) This is a new generation of future vehicles Sebuahkendaraan for future generations every car in production by adding solar panels on the roof which serves to support the daily activities at home and wherever they are Welcome to Generation Multi Dimensional Welcome to the third millennium Subscribe this Channel Greetings from Yogyakarta Greetings to Indonesia thank you

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