15 Must See Caravans, Campers & Motorhomes 2019 – 2020

15 Must See Caravans, Campers & Motorhomes 2019 – 2020

Caravans, Motorhomes, RVs, & Camper Vans. They’re just as diverse as the people who
choose to buy them. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, the commitment
of living the van life, or anything in between, there’s no shortage of choices on the market
these days. I’m Reacher and like most of you who are traveling
on this long, strange trip, I like to keep my options open. Having that in mind, here are 15 of our top
picks for those open road moments. Number 15 German company Weinsberg took a different
approach to their toy hauler integrating a sealed-off garage instead of the standard
open floor design. The Carabus & Caratour 630 MEG Outlaw are
identical in functionality and layout being built on a Fiat Ducato chassis measuring 21
feet long. Directly across from the entrance is a small
dinette with an extendable table that also functions as the lounge area using the rotating
captain’s chairs. Behind this is a wet bath, having a sink,
toilet, and shower. Opposite this is a small kitchenette with
a dual-burner cooktop, sink, and a 95-liter mini-fridge down below. A ladder provides access to the rear loft
bed, which sits above the previously mentioned garage. Getting into the garage can be done from inside
the van using the door below the bed or by using the rear doors. Using the various tie-downs and load ramps,
the 160 cubic foot space can easily handle multiple bikes or even a full-size quad. Number14 No list of campers would be complete without
at least one from Australia. The Forbes 12+ is the newest from the MDC
off-road caravan line-up. Increasing the usable space is vital here
as the length is only 12 feet. But that’s where the pop-up roof comes into
play, offering plenty of extra headspace as well as benefiting a few other features. Upon entering, there’s a spacious wet bath
directly across from the entrance. Next to this is a small bench seat with a
detachable table that serves as the dinette. The back end of the trailer has fold-out panels
that form a space for the queen mattress. Extra sleeping accommodations can be had using
the fold-down, wall mounted bed located above the dinette. The kitchen is external on this one and comes
fully-equipped with a large stainless-steel sink, a four-burner cooker, storage racks,
and a slide-out for a chest refrigerator. Number 13 If you’re a fan of teardrop style campers
but want something bigger, then this one from Ohio’s Xtreme Outdoors might be to your liking. The Camp-Rover is a just-released model measuring
21 feet long and 7 feet wide with an internal height just over 6 1/2 feet. The front has a small dinette spanning the
width of the trailer. It can modify to a single bed while the storage
cabinets above can convert to another bed, creating that magical element known as bunk
beds. Next to this is a wet bath with a full-length
mirror and a rotating cassette toilet. A centrally located split style kitchenette
has an under-mount sink, a dual-burner cooker, microwave, and a refrigerator. Rounding out the mix is a queen bed at the
back. Number 12 The new Winnebago Brave is a nod to the original
with its retro paint scheme, bold Flying W, and the iconic eyebrow above the windshield. This 33-footer has two slide-outs with one
of those being the whole of the driver’s side. The front lounge benefits from the extra space
having a large sofa across from the dinette. Utilizing the rotating captain’s chairs allows
for 6-7 people to sit comfortably. Moving back finds a spacious kitchen with
a three-burner range, a microwave, and a double-basin sink with a full-size refrigerator mounted
opposite. The rear half of the RV has a split-style
bathroom having a vanity and toilet across from the enclosed shower. The bedroom offers a walkaround queen bed
with extra sleeping accommodations provided by converting both the dinette and the couch
into twin-size sleepers. Number 11 Luxury caravan manufacturer Tabbert has released
the 2020 version of their flagship model, the Cellini. It’s offered in a choice of two layouts, with
the larger 750 HTD also having a slide-out. It measures 33 1/2 feet long with 24 1/2 feet
of that being dedicated to the interior. The U-shaped front dinette, which also serves
as the lounge seating, can accommodate up to six people and has added table space in
the back of the seat. The kitchen is housed in the slide-out, providing
a spacious countertop work surface while still incorporating a double basin sink, a three-burner
cooktop, and a 177-liter refrigerator sitting opposite. Moving back finds the bedroom having an east
to west facing queen bed, which also utilizes the slide-out space. The bathroom spans the width of the trailer,
having a ceramic cassette toilet, a stainless-steel sink, and an enclosed corner shower. Number 10 Hailing from way down under, as in New Zealand,
is Bivouac Campers. Their flagship model, the Kakapo, is a forward
fold-out trailer, that can be set-up quickly and easily by just one person. Sitting on a galvanized steel chassis with
a baked enamel exterior, it consists of three main areas. The slide-out kitchen is the only external
portion having a sink, a triple-burner cooker, and a 50-liter chest refrigerator. Inside is the lounge/dining area, which has
U-shaped bench seating for up to six people. The sleeping area has a full-size queen mattress,
with extra sleeping accommodations available by converting the dining area to another queen-size
bed. A heavy duty canvas covers the trailer with
an annex that provides another 108 square feet to the living space. Number 9 Every list should have that at least one camper
with an awesome name. And I’m pretty sure the Wraith Super C Diesel
from Indiana based NeXus RV fits the bill. Inside the spacious layout of the 33W model
is a lounge area having a driver’s side sofa sitting opposite of a mid-size dinette that
can handle four people. Moving back brings you to a centrally located,
split-style kitchenette having a three-burner range, an overhead microwave, a basin sink
in the corner, and a 212-liter refrigerator. The back area, which can be closed off for
privacy if needed, houses the bathroom with a toilet and vanity on one side and a radius
shower on the other. The bedroom has a walk-around queen bed facing
a wardrobe and a TV on the opposite wall. A cab-over bed provides additional sleeping
accommodations if needed. Number 8 South Dakota’s Trailmanor manufactures what
has to be the most innovative design on a trailer since the boom of the ’50s & ’60s. The largest of these is the 3124 series. In transit, it has a length of 24 feet, which
expands to 31 feet when opened, allowing it to be towed with the ease of a camper trailer
while still providing all the comfort and features of a full-size trailer. Housed in the rear is a sleeping area containing
a king-size bed. Next to this is the bathroom having a tub
with a shower, a recirculating toilet, and a sink. Moving forward finds a split-style kitchenette
which has a basin sink, an 85-liter refrigerator, and a three-burner cooktop sitting opposite. Depending on which of the three layouts are
chosen, the front can have either a dinette which doubles as an extra double bed, a dinette
and an extra queen bed, or a couch spanning the width of the camper. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia Time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number 7 Oregon’s Northwood Manufacturing is welcoming
in the new year early with the 2020 model of their Fox Mountain 255RKS Fifth Wheel. The 29-foot long trailer starts off the fun
with an L-shaped rear kitchen spanning side to side. Next to this is the slide-out, which houses
a dinette able to seat four people while opposite is the lounge area having two swivel recliners
and a wall-mounted TV. Carpeted steps lead up to a small hallway
on a raised floor. A door on the left opens to the bathroom,
which has a glass-enclosed corner shower and a porcelain toilet. Another door leads out of this into the bedroom,
which can also be accessed from the hallway. Number 6 French company Chausson is touting its Titanium
720 as a low profile motorhome. Still, the interior height is just shy of
7 feet. So there’s that. The front of the van has a lounge area with
a multidirectional swivel table and bench seating that can be modified into individual
seats when traveling. Next to this is a centrally located, split-style
kitchenette. The back of the van houses a double-door shower
area located opposite of the bathroom. Moving back finds a set of bunk beds spanning
the width of the trailer. These are fully adjustable, allowing for extra
storage underneath if needed. Number 5 The Forza 34T AE is one of three accessibility
enhanced motorhomes currently offered by Winnebago. It has a length of 31 feet, making it a bit
shorter than most comparable motorhomes, but the double slide-out design makes up for it
with the increased floor space. The wheelchair lift, as well as the side door,
are located directly behind the cab area. The lift itself is compact enough that it’s
indistinguishable from the outside and takes up no extra space inside. A small L-shaped kitchenette sits directly
opposite the door having a three-burner range, a microwave, a double-basin sink, and a refrigerator. Next to this is the dining area which has
an extendable table that comes out of the countertop. Moving back finds a split-style bathroom which
contains a sizeable roll-in shower flush w/ the existing floor. Finishing out the living area is a rear bedroom
with a walk-around queen bed and a vanity area with a wall-mounted TV above. Once again, we would like to acknowledge Winnebago
for going above and beyond by making products of this nature. It’s something the industry, and many others,
should take heed of. Number 4 Although it’s not a camper per se, this one
has some serious potential. The Rolling Unit by Maru is an expandable
structure that can increase its usable space up to 270 square feet with a set-up time around
five minutes. It does so by utilizing a series of panels
that raise & fold out to form extra rooms beyond the structure’s original footprint. The layout is exceptionally customizable,
having folding furniture that attaches to the supports, along with removable walls,
and it can even be used when it’s not expanded. It can be used as a tow behind, stand-alone
trailer or it can be mounted on the back of a truck and used as a mobile unit. Number 3 Part of Adria’s new luxury line, the Astella
offers a choice of three layouts, starting at 25 feet in length with the largest coming
in at just over 31 feet. The exterior has a smooth, clean design coupled
with large windows and panoramic doors that allow the interior a more substantial connection
with nature when open. Inside is a living area based around flowing,
well-organized spaces. The kitchen has plenty of room to maneuver,
while still having all the amenities, including a stainless-steel sink, three-burner cooktop,
oven, and refrigerator. The bathroom comes in either a split style
with the toilet and vanity on one side and the shower on the other or as one self-contained
area. The private bedroom has a double bed with
extra sleeping accommodations available by converting the sofas. And yes, there’s even a bunk bed option, so
you know which one is my favorite. The icing on the cake with this one is its
ability to be towed like a caravan or set up like a mobile home. That’s a nice bit of diversity you don’t see
too often. Number 2 Indiana based ATC has released the 2020 model
of their 29-foot toy hauler, and it boasts the largest garage area of all of their bumper
pull trailers. And that is extremely important because…it’s
a toy hauler. The first thing is the inclusion of a fully
private bedroom at the front of the trailer. Next to this is a 25 square-foot bathroom
with an enclosed shower. Moving back finds the kitchen, which has a
stainless-steel microwave, an under-mount sink, a dual-burner cooker, and a refrigerator. Furniture folds up along the walls during
transportation, attaching via a track system that allows for full customization. The previously mentioned garage area provides
roughly 15 feet of depth for any vehicles, with around 7-8 feet of width. Number 1 The Cliff 4×4 Adventure Van is a non-production
vehicle custom-designed as a multi-sport camper. Built on a Fiat Ducato chassis, the surprisingly
spacious van has most amenities of traditional camper vans and room to stow away all the
sporting gear. Dual side doors are the first thing worth
mentioning as they make getting in and out a lot easier. The kitchen is along the passenger-side wall
having a dual-burner cooker and sink as well as two slide-out fridge/freezers. The bathroom comes in the form of an incinerating
toilet housed in a built-in compartment while a separate shower tent utilizes a space integrated
into the van floor. Sleeping accommodations are at the front and
back, with the lounge sofa converting into a full-size bed and inflatable paddleboards
doubling as air mattresses. Stowing away, all the different gear is made
easier due to the lack of common storage spaces. Instead, it employs things like bungee cords,
gear nets, and telescoping poles that double as shelves. Floor space is part of this having an open
center aisle for bicycles. Roof access is made unique as it foregoes
the conventional ladder, instead having a series of handholds generally found on a rock
climbing wall. Two of the most excellent features that will
probably never make it to a production vehicle are the rooftop hammock, composed of two poles
that mount to the roof and a winch with a 1,640-foot cable specifically included for
water skiing and wakeboarding while being towed by the van. Hi everyone, if you enjoyed this video, leave
a comment about what you found the most interesting and why. Also, to get notified when a new video is
posted, hit the bell icon below right next to the subscribe button. Thank you for watching Minds Eye Design And thanks to everyone for watching.


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