13 Videos You Aren’t Brave Enough To Watch

These are 13 videos that many are not brave
enough to watch, let alone experience in real life. All I can say is good luck. 13. Tim, John and Ben are going to explore house
in the back of the woods that is rumored to be where a clan of worshippers do all kinds
of rituals. They wander around in the woods for a while
until a rickety white house rises from the darkness. Inside, warnings are spray painted all across
the walls is big dark letters, but they do not heed them and press on. Tim, John and Ben take turns breaking stuff
and jumping out at each other but suddenly the three become very serious and quiet when
they find a dungeon-like basement that leads straight down. This dark area smells extremely foul and they
cover their nose and mouths with their shirts to lessen the stench. The only thing down there, besides them, are
two dolls hanging by their necks. Or at least that’s what they think . . . Suddenly
all three of them are running from what sounds like a creature with a low, throaty growl. If this noise is real, then it almost has
to be the end result of a terrible ritual that none of us are brave enough to see. 12. While on vacation in South Africa, Emily Saurer
dares to climb into the shark tank with some of her friends. She is full of adrenaline and can’t help
but nervously grip the cage bars out of stress. Soon a giant shark comes prowling along the
cage and wants a closer look at the potential meal inside. The tour guides try to keep the shark distracted
with a piece of bait on a pole, but it lunges at the last second and chomps where Emily’s
hands just were. All the other girls can do is watch as the
shark almost makes a meal of their friends’ hands. I’m surprised there is not a second outer
cage to keep this from happening. Emily got away lucky, but maybe it’s just
a matter of time before somebody pulls back a stump. 11. A lone stranger staggers out of the trees
while a man is filming the train tracks. The person seems off-balance and out of sorts
as they slowly walk forward, barely managing to avoid an oncoming train. Just when it seems like the worst is over,
another train fast approaches. It lays on the horn but he doesn’t even
hear it. Only when he sees the cameraman pointing at
him to get over does he take a step. Otherwise, he would have kept walking straight
in front of it. He owes this cameraman his life but judging
from his lack of a reaction he hardly seems to even care. 10. Shortly after moving into their new apartment,
this couple began to feel watched, so they installed a camera in the bedroom. A few nights later they record a full grown
adult standing outside of their window. At first he is so focused on staring into
their bedroom that he doesn’t seem to notice or care about how obvious he stands out against
the well-lit parking lot. When the couple inside walks closer to the
window and gets on the bed, he tries to be a little more cautious but fails miserably. It’s pretty obvious that he is still there
and eagerly looking straight at them. He is about as close to the window as he can
be and he is probably really getting into the idea of watching them without being seen
himself, not knowing that he himself is on camera. They can see him the entire time, and this
is the exact moment that the boyfriend goes out and confronts the man, who quickly stands
up and shows no aggression as he walks away. It turns out to be actually their neighbor
next door. He came over and apologized the next day,
but something tells me that this is a compulsion that he cannot help, and soon enough he will
be back at it again, if not with them then with someone else. 9. This street cam records a beverage truck spinning
out of control around the corner and launching liter bottles of soda everywhere. A student judging from his backpack has to
sprint the other direction and barely avoids a carbonated tidal wave. There’s also a surge of heavy red crates
traveling at a high rate of speed. At the end it kind of looks like these could
have been steel cans but I’m not sure. If so, each one of them would have hit with
the force of a baseball bat and I can’t believe it, but he managed to avoid every
single one. 8. This is apparently police dashcam footage
from Arizona. The officer is clearly on highway patrol at
night, and after a short while, he takes a turn down a dirt road. This is where he spots a woman standing alone
in the road with some small embers near her feet. Though it originally appears she is standing
with her back turned to the police cruiser. Soon after she lifts up her arms, there appears
to be two glowing eyes facing the officer. The footage ends shortly after with no further
explanation. I searched but couldn’t find any footage
of the incident after this part. So we may never know what happened next to
this office or this woman with glowing eyes. 7. Something has crawled up this poor woman’s
leg and refuses to come out. Her friend almost has it by the tail, but
then at the last second it does the unthinkable and burrows even deeper. The scared animal probably would have gone
up way higher if she didn’t stand up in time and let gravity force it back down. She is either trying not to scream or lose
her lunch as her friend tries again, this time wrapping its tail around his index finger. He manages to extract a giant rat and quickly
puts it back in its container. This rat looks used to being handled and that
is probably the only thing that kept it from trying to bite and scratch its way out. 6. Zaneo barely manages to turn his livestream
on and say hello before something unexplainably paranormal happens behind him. The window somehow goes from being tightly
shut to wide open in less than ten seconds without a sound. If I’m not mistaken, this type of window
doesn’t even open from the outside, meaning that somebody had to be standing in the room
to even push it open. Zaneo quickly searches his house in less than
a minute and finds no one else is home. But when he crosses into the living room,
the batteries in his smoke alarm go off for no reason at all. I know this part is real because this is the
first time you hear the smoke alarm beep in the entire video. The smoke alarm going off, combined with the
window opening by itself, is enough to convince me that this is probably paranormal. 5. Cailyn McIntire is making a video of her grandpa
that she wants to remember for the rest of her life, which actually might be much shorter
than she thinks. It may seem like nothing bad could ever happen
to them on such a perfectly sunny day, but to their immediate right is a sharp drop straight
off a cliff. They hit a point where the curved road grows
very narrow just as the sun beats down on their car at the worst possible angle, turning
the entire windshield into nothing but a blinding white glare. Grandpa does his best to stay on the road,
but the sun is so intense that not even his oversized sunglasses can get the glare out
of his eyes. They find some brief cover under the trees
and they can see that the road is too narrow to safely turn around. You can tell he doesn’t want to keep going
but it’s too late now and there is no other choice. He has to go back into the blinding sunlight
and keep pushing forward just a little bit more until he can make this turn. He only has a short distance to go before
he can turn around, but he almost manages to drive completely off the cliff instead. Just to give you a better idea at how close
they were to falling off, this is a brief glimpse of the side of the cliff. You can see that he was still turning right
and had to majorly correct the steering wheel to avoid tumbling below. Eventually Cailyn gets out of the car and
guides her grandfather to safety. You can see that the sun is still totally
in his eyes and it’s a small miracle that they made it out of there alive. 4. Two friends are fishing when they hear somebody
else firing for hunt not too far away. The two don’t think much of it and let the
man continue his hobby while they continue theirs. They keep casting into the water and everything
is going fine for about a minute, and then the two sports collide. Look again and you can tell that he didn’t
pick his foot up for dramatic effect, it really was that close. When you slow down the video to a frame-by-frame
you can briefly see the round as it bounces off the deck right by his foot. If they had been drifting downriver even just
a little faster it would have been a direct hit and a trip to the hospital for certain. 3. This 8-second video shows somebody hanging
on outside of the subway in Chicago. Two things about this video: one, I think
I can see the blue straps of a backpack, which would make this stunt even harder somehow. Two, you can see him give a thumbs up at the
three second mark. He seems quite comfortable with riding outside
and I wonder how many times he has done this before. Though obviously, it’s never a good idea
to attempt this. 2. When somebody quits their job, they are supposed
to give a two week notice. This contractor gets angry at his jobsite
and gives a two second notice instead in the form of total carnage. He shows little regard for the safety of a
coworker who is trying to talk some sense into him as he repeatedly slams the heavy
equipment into the same spot over and over again, bringing down chunks of ceiling each
time. Fortunately, he seems more concerned with
wrecking the property rather than taking lives, although he is lucky he didn’t bring the
entire place down on everyone. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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here on YouTube every Thursday and Saturday. 1. Kevin Diepenbrock finds himself at the bottom
of a ditch. He is not doing well enough to stand up but
he can still hold a camera and record, so he makes a goodbye video to his friends. Oh, and he tried to call for help, but he
couldn’t get a signal. The sun sets and I think most of us would
have passed out or completely panicked by now, but hours later Kevin is calm and focused
enough to think of a pretty good plan. You can hear traffic pass him the entire time
just fifty feet away, but nobody has any reason to look at the bottom of a huge ditch and
they keep going. I am amazed that he is not crying or anything
as he calmly says goodbye, totally at peace with the situation. Kevin was found by a random person a full
30 hours later, long after this video ended and his cell phone had lost its charge. He is still alive and okay.

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