💸 How I LIVE in a TOYOTA PRIUS – LIVE EASY: Sleeping in a Car Full Time

💸 How I LIVE in a TOYOTA PRIUS – LIVE EASY: Sleeping in a Car Full Time

– If you like traveling on a budget, or if you have recently
become enamored with the Tiny House Revolution show, then you might be interested
in some of the things I’m going to be talking about because I have been traveling
across the U.S. for months, staying in most places for like a week, living out of my 2008 Toyota Prius. (brushing teeth) Let’s get into some of the
modifications I’ve done to allow me to feel like
my things are secure, have enough storage, have
privacy, sleep comfortably, yeah all that shit. So, let’s go. Many of the places that I wanted to visit were like downtown of big cities. And when you’re staying in an
urban environment in your car, you really want to have
a level of privacy. Like you don’t want people,
maybe nefarious people, peeking in on you. Some people will put like
reflective material up in like the window of their van, but that kinda looks shady. Now looking shady is fine, but it just reduces your opportunities of where you can sleep. The last thing you want is the
boy scout of the neighborhood calling up the cops and being
like there’s a strange man. Other people will black out
their windows with tint, and I looked into that and
between different states, there are different laws on
like how much you can tint like this window versus this
window and like it’s just shit you don’t want to deal
with when you’re trying to, you know, low key live in your car. (laughs) And this is what I came up with. This is perforated vinyl. The same material that
you’ll see on the windows of businesses with like all this
printing on it like from logos and whatnot. Straight off the shelf, it’s white. And that’s perfect for my
purposes because it’s also reflecting a lot of that sunlight
since it’s white material and it has like an insulating effect. And on the other side of
the material it’s black so it’s a lot easier to see
out than it is to see in. Like to see in this I gotta go like… And who’s gonna do that? Now this is not going to be your most budget-friendly option, but I would argue that it’s
worth it because there’s a lot of value in just looking like
a more professional vehicle. No one is going to pull me over for having perforated vinyl on my windows. If I bought these things
out with tint, maybe. On the back, I wanted to have
storage that I could lock, so I put onto the hitch a like standard cargo rack and bought one of these like
forty-something inch long locking aluminum tool boxes. This piece and this piece
together were probably under $250. And I just bolted this thing,
and now it’s like my wardrobe. Full of clothes, tax documents. Up here on top, I have mounted
a universal roof rack system. And onto that is a 100-watt solar panel, which feeds into a deep-cycle
battery on the inside. And on the other side is this
fully-locking cargo system, so that gives me some secure storage on the outside of the vehicle. And it’s actually more
space than I even need. It’s not quite as tall or
as wide as a lot of them, and that’s gonna help out
with you know aerodynamics and fuel economy is obviously something that’s important to me, considering the vehicle that I chose. This is where I sleep. It is a gymnastics mat
that’s been folded over. And it actually was three
panels but I cut one off because it was, you know unnecessary. And a sleeping bag, which
doesn’t get much use right now because it’s so hot. Um, pillow. This is kind of my kitchen. If I move that out of the way, this is a tray for cooking stuff. I have water stored in there. And, I slide this. Under here is lots of nice storage space. So I bought four of these
dollar storage containers, and there’s like labels
on them like toolbox, which it was nice having
a parameter for like, you can’t take any tools
outside of what fits in this. So that forced me to be more
minimalistic and think about what was gonna be useful. Behind that is some additional
stuff like jumper cables, um, some sweat shirts, bungees, a medical– medical kit there. Yeah. In the interior here we have
a basket of miscellaneous things, like swimming shorts, toiletries, things of that nature. And up here is something very crucial. This is– it’s just a dowel rod that’s been– I painted it with a um, a primer that’s supposed to
like protect it from moisture, because I like to dry things on this. It’s great for like, I was just in Duluth and went
swimming in Lake Superior. I can just take one of these spring clamps and put it over here, throw my shorts on there and then turn my fan on and dry
it out really quickly. And I’ll do the same thing with
my clothes from the gym and my towel from the gym. And it also allows me to hang
up clothes so I can take nice shirts and get the comment
you don’t look like you live in your car a lot, to which I love being like I know I don’t. Both this and this next
thing I’m gonna talk about came from a video on YouTube
under the username Hotel Prius, and it was a guy who’s done
something very similar to this. And he gave instructions
on how to mount this. It’s basically just like wedged
in between these two points. But it works out really well. It’s pretty strong. I’ve knocked it down a few times, knocked it out of position, but um it’s never too
difficult to put back. And the next thing is a curtain. It doesn’t do me a lot of
good to make all these other windows private if someone
can just look through the windshield and see me
back here so I’m able to, you know put this curtain
across here and um, you know bada bing. You may have noticed that
there’s not a back seat here. Typically with a Prius,
you can like fold down the back seat and you’ve got enough
space to like lay down and like sleep, but that’s a lot
of real estate being used for basically padding and for
a seat that’s not going to be used by me. So, here you can see the
thing that I replaced the back seat with. This is a storage structure
that I built out of wood and uh upholstered in some boat
carpet and I wanted to be able to lock up what was inside
of here with a padlock. You know just to have an
extra layer of contingency if someone were to bust through my window. And on this side there’s no lock because it’s just my pantry. So, not really too much
worth protecting in there. But if I wanted to, uh, if these thieves think they gon
get some free refried beans, they got another thing coming! On the other side, I have access to a safe that I bolted into the metal frame here. So it’s not going anywhere. And that’s where I can
keep my stuff that I would potentially be really worried
about like my passport. As far as what I know about
setting up electricity and solar power systems, that amounts to about jack and shit. But I was able to buy a
kit that allowed me to set this up without much issue. So I have coming from that
solar panel that’s feeding into this solar controller, that solar controller
is charging the battery, which is in this big case here, and also attached to that
battery is this inverter. That gives me two power outlets. And if I need additional
outlets or if I wanna use these four USB ports, you know I just plug this guy in there. And having this white box is
really nice because it just attaches to wherever it’s stuck. So wherever I need a USB port, boom. Got it. Got it! Right behind the passenger
seat is one of those high-efficiency,
over-priced coolers which, you know, could save money in the long-run if I’m able to like buy a block of ice one day and, you know, still have cold
drinks four days later. So, on top of here, I have a door mat so that
I can put my shoes on there when I get inside. And that’s just velcroed on. But it wouldn’t be a proper
episode of Cribs if I didn’t show what’s inside here, so, 99 Cherries, two Miller Lites, and no ice. (laughs) If you found this helpful, let me know, or if you have any friends
who might find this helpful let them know. Peace! Peace. Get outta here. Get that camera out of my face. Get that camera out of my face. (knife slicing)


    No es necesario ya que puedes dormir en el auto y comer en el día.
    No es necesario tener una gigante ración de comida en tu auto.

    Nice set up. Thanks for the video.

    Wondering how the Thule box and solar panel impact your fuel economy because they change the aerodynamics a lot.

    What mpg do you average?

    Please share that number if you know it. Thanks!

    I’ve been sleeping in my car for about 2-3 days per week for work and school. I enjoy your optimistic demeanor considering the circumstances. I want to eventually buy an RV and customize that similarly to what you have going on. To be honest you’ve given me a lot of ideas, so thank you! I don’t like the idea of paying for an apartment because I wont own it. At least with an RV you can relocate if need be. Advantages is I’m young and have no kids and plan to get my doctorate. Small sacrifices for wealth that’ll keep on giving is my plan.

    In E.U is fucking imposible,you can't remodelate your Car.Only you can change the outside color,😂😂😅😅😅😅😠😠

    Thanks for the idea: I was going to velcro a flexible 200 watt solar panel on my bug but dreaded drilling into the roof. Now I see you don't have to drill. I love how you mounted your panel and just shut the door on the solar wires.

    about to go on my own car journey in a month or so. This video make me realize how unprepared i am while also giving me a lot of good tips and ideas. thanks for the panic now and the comfort i will get from knowing more about this for later. Love this shit!

    Thank you for sharing. I now have more ideas on how to live more comfortably in my car once I move there in the next few months. My room rent is $1200.00/month… too expensive but it is still cheap compared to the current room being advertised for rent on craigslist. So in the next few months, I'll move to my car and start to enjoy life.

    How is the wind noise and noise in general with your Sportrack and Thule combination on top of the car? Anyone else here using this kind of setup and can give good or bad remarks?

    I’m absolutely convinced that at least 90% of the commenters have not actually watched this video……………🙈


    Live Easy, Do you run the a/c or heat on nights when is too hot or cold outside? Just asking if it’s good long term for the Prius if you leave it running in idle for long periods of time?

    In the back of my Toyota Tacoma with a 36 inch contractor camper shell watching a guy make a video about sleeping in a Prius thinking "mine feels roomy" xD haha

    I did a lot of car camping in the in the 2000s in a Prius. It was a great car there's more inside room than any other car that size I've ever been in.. you can leave the car on with satellite radio going on the top of a mountain and the engine only runs for about a minute every 20 minutes. People can laugh all they want but Prius is really a great car

    I am not sure how much solar you get but for the price of a lot of those high end coolers you can buy a small Compressor Fridge, which is the size of a cooler.

    so…..wind resistance. The rooftop container that he says he doesn't use must be killing gas mileage! I like the wind resistance friendly hitch trunk…..but I would seriously forget it was there and be bashing cars when backing up. Like the rear seat removal!! great idea-thanks! How bout them new actual mini fridges…. wish he would explain solar set up more. great video.

    I like the idea of perforated vinyls on the windows for privacy. Have you ever been pulled over by the cops? Can they really not see through it?

    why am i watching this? i live in a walk out basement apt in the country. i wonder if this is in my future. love your set up

    I think we are going to see more people living “conservatively” like this guy. I must say that this is the neatest, swankiest car/home that I’ve ever seen!

    I was immediately drawn to your electrical system. nice set up. well thought out but not overly ambitious. you know what you need and what you don't need.

    i used to have my car with the same system to block people seeing inside the car, but one day the policeman here in cancun mexico told me to take that away because they can not see inside my car

    How do you sleep in the heat? ive tried sleeping in my matrix somewhere in border of Georgia and Alabama in the middle of the summer and it just wasnt possible. Thanks!

    Extremely well done. I’ve been watching many similar builds, each has good ideas. Your pursuit of freedom is encouraging.

    Use to be economical to live in a van down by the river in 1993. Now in 2019 it's more economical to live in a Prius down at the Walmart

    Rent for a room or a apartment are so high now in Calif…think of your savings per night as you lay your head down and think of better ways to do this..A cargo Van or Van with back seats removed and futon in are best for single or understanding partner a soccer Mom Van is completely invisible just park after say 10 or 11 at night in a high use area such as apartment complex street parking and leave early do this for a year and put 10 to 20 grand in your pocket and keep it there from now on…add to it as you can after maybe getting a room…black curtain pinned up inside away from the factory tinted windows in back and all around back there make for better sleep and no one can see in…do not answer door for cops but tell creepers to go away or you will shoot them this is your Home gets you more rights with cops if they do get ya as it's your home not just your car..My first Van was a new 1972 Dodge Van I was in the Navy San Diego at that time and used it on weekends to visit friends away from base and to go surfing…67 VW deluxe 13 window walk thru Bus was next for 25 years now as of a year ago 200? Chevy Van was 2 grand or 1 or 2 months apartment rental…..

    Do you go to the laundromat to wash your clothes. The way you describe it . This sounds like you dry dirty clothes and wear them again.

    Nice video, well explained 🙂 I also have this life style and been doing this for almost 2 years, have a look at my video if you wish 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9DlUW9MIg8&t=296s

    You are my fucking hero sir. Bow.
    Fearless. That's what we need to see more of in this matrix society.
    I have an '05 of the exact same car color and everything. Hmmmmm

    Perf is great, but you should know that tint laws apply to perforated vinyl as much as classic tint. With tint, legal limits are described in terms of percentage of visible light transmission. With perf, it's about what percentage of the window surface is NOT covered with the vinyl. So if 75% of your window area is covered with vinyl (thus 25% is uncovered-e.g. the perforation areas), the law treats it exactly the same as a super dark 25% tint. Look it up.

    Questions. 1. What If you crash or the car gets totalled?! 2.what about when the car gets to old and "dies" out. What would you plan on doing?

    The only way you can really blend in and not have hassles is to have nothing on the outside of the car or front seats when sleeping.

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    could u PLEASE tell me about the entire solar panel kit…..and maybe links to the kit thank you…also what do u do for work and when it gets real hot or real cold….great video and all the best

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