Солнечная батарея GS50 б/у обзор | Solar battery GS50 test

Solar battery GS50 test Hello everyone , I came to the solar panels six pieces not yet fully unpacked a commutation here at once , there are connectors Statement by the power of 50 watts one сейчас достану одну и посмотрю сколько она выдаёт енергии evening in the street Here’s a socket on the other hand striped now I try to measure it in the shadow show I connected the negative terminal on the wire has a tag with the inscription minus the other terminal is a plus It shows in the shadow of 43 volts Now we check the short-circuit current 0.03-0.04 ampere but it is in the shadow of the sun have , on the other hand Now we check the sun the sun is going down Now check what voltage It shows 52 volts no load it is in the evening sun current of 0.54 amperes weak current More test with 12 volt light bulb for two helix 6 and 21 watts Even the lamp is lit the second spiral 21 watts is off. only a little This is the end , thanks for watching 🙂

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